I have been reading a lot of stories on here and I think I'd like to share my own, even though it hasn't yet come to an end. 

I am a 21 year old girl who doesn't drink a ton of tea. And can I tell you how sick of that question I am? It seems anyone I tell says the same thing; Oh, so you drink a lot of tea then? Yeah, so-and-so had them and they drank a gallon a day. No. I don't drink a ton of tea.

On July 10, I came home from vacation from the shore feeling just fine. I slept over at my boyfriends house and woke up feeling like I might be getting sick. I went to the bathroom but nothing happened and that's when the pain started. I laid in bed beside my boyfriend and just curled up into a fetal position. The pain came on stronger as the last curls of sleep faded. It. Was. Excruciating. It was as if someone had started to just kick me in my lower right side. The pain was in my back and in my lower right abdomen and it came in dizzying waves. It felt as if I were being kicked in the back by a very tiny foot while my appendix got ready to burst (I still have my appendix in, I just always imagined that's what it would feel like, I'm a biology student with some medical background and knew it wasn't my appendix since I had no fever). Needless to say my boyfriend rushed me to the hospital.

They had me waiting in the emergency room waiting room for about 15 minutes before they took me to a short-stay room and gave me morphine for the pain. It didn't take the pain away. It made me not care so much and able to talk more easily but the pain was still very much there. After an x-ray, they determined that I had a kidney stone a quarter of an inch big blocking my right ureter and a 2mm kidney stone still forming in my left kidney that they could do nothing about. The pain was from the pressure it was putting on my kidney, not the actual stone itself. I was admitted and moved to the other side of the hospital. They scheduled me for surgery the next morning to have a stent put in which would take the pressure off my kidney. I was given an IV sedative and it literally took 10 minutes to do the procedure. I didn't wake up for another 40 minutes, they were concerned but it was noisy the night before and I got maybe 2 hours of sleep. I was there for a full 2 days, admitted around 10am July 11 and was not released until 9:30pm the following day.

I had to take off from work for about a week while I recovered from that procedure. That was the weirdest week so far. I could FEEL the stent inside me. There is no way to describe that feeling... I could FEEL the tube inside me. It was very painful to go from sitting to standing and vice versa so I staying in a recliner and my family took very good care of me. I had to drink more water than I thought possible and I had to urinate every half hour to an hour. It took about 3 weeks for that pain to go away completely, but for me it did. In those weeks I had to travel to get a special type of scan done because they couldn't be 100% sure it was a calcium based stone from my x-rays. I have a picture of that scan that I will post. Basically, if it was a calcium based stone, I could get lithotripsy to break it up. They didn't want to talk about the other options if it wasn't calcium with me... thankfully it was.

Aug, 11: Exactly one month later I'm scheduled for the Lithotripsy procedure. They had me drink 10oz citrate of magnesia... get lemon, it's sour and I could get it down without much of a problem (DON'T SMELL IT). I couldn't eat or drink much the day before hand. I get to the hospital and get all set up with an IV in a bed in the outpatient section of the hospital. I'm told I'll be under general anesthesia and have to have a tube in my throat, which terrified me. I get wheeled into the room and get moved onto what feels like an air bed but is actually filled with water. They slip the mask over my mouth, I panic, and the next thing I know I'm talking with a nurse, in a different bed, in a different room. That's right. I become conscious during a conversation. My throat is sore and just a little bit scratchy but I remember nothing about a tube being in my throat.

They send me home with an ice pack, a percocet prescription, a strainer, and a pee 'hat'. I have to strain my urine and keep up my fluids. I pee blood for 3 days and get a tiny stone on my 4th day, its not quite a millimeter. I was told to expect sand, I got none.

Presently, it is August 19. I had another xray today, I probably glow in the dark by now. I still have to use the ice pack after I stand for more than a few hours which is a shame. Before the lithotripsy, I didn't even notice my stent anymore except after I exercised... I was feeling normal again. But now, Its like a deep pain in my lower back when I stand too long and I refuse to get my doctor to give me another prescription for pain killers. I have a consultation with my doctor coming up to discuss how successful the lithotripsy was but I'm skeptical. With this much pain and such a tiny amount of my stone passed, I fear I may be in for another round.

I will update as this progresses.... I think I'm doing this more for myself, telling this story that is. Initially I wanted to let people know that not everyone has such pain with the stent for so long. After about 2-2 1/2 weeks later and it didn't feel so bad.
Jennamagashi Jennamagashi
22-25, F
Aug 20, 2014