About 4 years ago I went to my GP with an annoying pain in my left side. I was sent for an xray which showed small ovarian cysts. I told the GP I didnt think this was the cause of the pain, as it was way to low down. I got a marker pen and drew where the pain was - from my hip bone to my lowest rib, in a square area about the size of a packet of 20 ciggies.
Since then I have battled with the GP to take me seriously and was sent for a scan last year which revealed a stone in the kidney measuring about 5mm. After waiting forever for the GP to sort it, I got an appt for Lithotripsy which I had a week ago. I have gone from years of suffering an off and on dull pain to absolute hellish agony and 3 days ago had to attend A and E as the pain was so bad. I woke at 4am, sweating and feeling sick and in a lot of pain. I tried a hot bath, walking round the house, hot water bottle, all as before but NOTHING was helping. After 3 hours of sobbing and retching I went to the A and E.....after 6 hours I came home feeling better for a painkilling injection. I figured out that when I went to bed, the position of sleeping lying down brought on the worst of the pain. I would wake up in agony, sweating and ready to puke.
Before Litho I could control the pain with paracetamols and a hot water bottle, now I am on Diclofenac and some other drug, which just make me puke forever so I have gone back to paracetamol and an anti sickness tablet.
I still have a smidge of blood in my pee, and go back for an update xray next month to see if the stone has been shattered. I think some smaller break away stones are now in the ureta but not got as far as the bladder. I have not passed anything but do constantly feel the urge to pee and can get a good stream going but no stones pass. Also, I am taking small sips of Lactulose, to keep my poo soft as I am certain a full hard bowel was adding to the pain. I have also started taking Buscopan to help with the ureta spasms as it tried to squeeze the stones along. I drink about 3 litres of water or juice so cannot understand why these stones have not whooshed out. I am exhausted with the pain and have been told to keep on with the water and be patient. Thats easy for them to say , they are not living with these stones. I have as I type, a dull ache in my left side, which has been there for about 2 hours now despite pain meds and a hot bath. Its like being kicked repeatedly by a donkey. I found out that placing the palm of my hand over the area and rubbing up and down fast seems to ease it for a few minutes. I cant change my diet yet as I have not captured any of the buggers to be tested.... I do not know what else to do, I dont know what to take to dissolve them, I dont know what to take to speed their passing....I do know that I am at my wits end with the pain and waiting for sweet relief. Sorry for the long post. I am 51 year old female
mrsminxster mrsminxster
51-55, F
Aug 22, 2014