They Make Everyday My Reason For Getting Up In the Morning

my children mean the world to me .. when i got pregnant with my son .. i was heading down a really bad road ..  if it wasnt for God gracing me with him ..  i would be dead right now .. i was a bar girl ..  i would go alone and drink by myself and walk to the nearest restaurant to call for a cab to take me home ..  it was a good thing i knew every cab driver in the company ... they were amazing  all of them told me if i didnt have money and couldnt get home to call anyways and i could pay them later .. they were amazing friends ..  my children make it the reason im staying well ... so i know i will be with them until God calls on me ..  having a down period right now .. but i know i have to be with them .. my daughters father is mia .. hes actually still legally my husband .. and if i ever did remarry i would never let anyone adopt her . she is mine , my sons father is amazing ..   but we have our differences quite a bit ..  but my children make my world go round ..
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u are amzing > we all have bad times and when we do we just have to think of our kids love u guys

yea my life did a 180 when my first son came ... and even my wife ... i stopped a lot of bad habits to be there and take care of them .. because now i have something other than myself to worry about ...