My Little Angels

Hello everyone. I joined this group because I too have kids. I have 3 lovely children that God has chosen to bless me with. My oldest is  8 and is going into 2nd grade this year. She is a little behind right now, for several reasons. One her birthday is not until October so she didn't start school until she was 6. Then at the beginning of her kindergarden year we were moving and had to make a short stop near my moms here in Texas and got caught in the evacuation for hurricane Rita in 2005, we evacuated to Missouri for 4 weeks, and then returned to Texas to get our stuff, which my 2nd child who is now 5 (then he was 2) ended up getting deathly ill and getting put in Galveston Hospital for 2 months. So this led to my daughter missing the first semester of Kindergarden and having to repeat. My 2nd child as I said is now 5 and will be starting kindergarden this year. He was born extremely premature and only weighed 2pounds 5 ounces. He had some extreme health trouble in the beginning and for the first 3 and a half years of his life, but for the last year and a half has been doing exceedingly well. My 3rd and youngest is the monkey of the family. He just turned 4 and will be starting Pre-K this year as well. He loves to climb and is very active, So active in fact I swear I'll turn grey early because of him. He is also very accident prone which makes that fact more plausible. LOL This year allready he had cut his hand severly enough I thought it needed stiches,(thankfully it did not) tripped and fell and smacked his face hard enough that he put one of his teeth all the way through his lip. (It's healed quite nicely) and just today knocked something off a shelf and wacked himself in the head with it, giving himself a big gooseegg. (No cuncussion though thank goodness) I definatly have been kept on my toes with him, trying to keep him from doing himself in. Hopefully he will grow out of it. (soon) There is tons more I could say, but at the moment I think this is all I will write, except that each of my kids is unique and I adore them. I love them more than anything else, and wouldn't trade them for the world. Even if they make me go grey. LOl

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I have a three adult kids. They are my life.You are very blessed.enjoy your sweet tresures. Hug them, kiss them and tell them you love them everytime you can. In a blink of an eye they are adults.

you are truly blessed <br />
<br />
I have three also<br />
<br />
but mine are much older<br />
<br />
enjoy them while you can<br />
<br />
the good and the bad.