Hi, i have kienbocks diesease like all of you. I was diagnosed a 7 months ago and not sure what i did to my wrist for this to happen to it. I had radial shortening 6 months ago and i am still having problems and on-going pain with this. My pain level on a good day is usually an 8 out of 10. I'm now having to consider getting my wristed fused or proximal carpectomy. I'm not too sure what to do anymore, i want to be out of pain but i am only 24 years old and still have the rest of my life to use my wrist(take it, it is my non-dominant wrist) but still. If anyone can give me some good advice on this it would be much appreciated. i have been doing my research on both surgeries and the fusion kind of seems like my best option so i dont have to keep going through surgeries but again if someone could give me some good advice i would be much appreciated!
scosenza scosenza
May 7, 2012