Keinbocks At 37

i was diagnosed last year december 19 2012. ive got to say i thought it was carpal tunnel, and was blindsided by the outcome. you know its serious when the radiologist/ pain specialist says there is nothing he can do for you, pats you on the back and says i wish u had carpal tunnel, good luck. ive been struggling with pain in my right wrist for 5 yrs now. i lifted up a 3 seater lounge with my right hand and vacumed under it with my left. i felt a lengthening and then wet pop in the back of my hand. went to the doc, he said it was soft tissue damage, gave my naproxen, sent me on my way- no x-rays. so like i said 5 years of pain that comes and goes,i continued on with life, began a security course, did cert 1 and cert 2, did crowd control using lots of open hand techniques to disarm people..... wrist went stiff... signed up to do cert 3- high cash flow security- the armaguard type with a gun. on the first day of cert 3 i was crying with pain. shooting up my forearm, pains shooting down my fingers, weakness, swelling on the back of my wrist. i had to face up to reality, i couldn't turn a key in the door lock, how am i going to fire a gun? id get myself hurt or worse my colleagues. when i went to my gp(Doc), i thought i was being dramatic when i said to her "it feels like my hand is falling off". not only that my hand and elbow are turning opposite directions to each other. i went for ultrasounds, then an MRI then X rays. i have advanced keinbocks, thats all i have been told so far, but my lunate is sclerotic,odememateous and fragmented, not only that my scaphoid bone is ghosty white in xrays- its dying. i dont have an appointment until 11th feb 2013 to see a specialist about it. my health insurance wouldnt pay for specialists so i got bumped back onto the public hospital system, (Im in australia- so at least i should be happy there is a public system), I must admit im in fear about the outcome, no surgery will b good but the longer they take, no, i dont want to theorize about that. all i can say to people is it will change your life forever, but change can be good, it will force me to do something else with my life. stay positive and enjoy the roller coaster ride. ill keep u posted as to how my surgery goes....take care
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what kind of surgery did you have and how are you doing now? are you able to work?

Good luck with your healing. I am sorry that it got in the way of your career goals, I think Kienbock's does that for most people.