I Was Diagnosed With Kienbocks Disease

I was working as a housekeeper in a nursing home when I was hit by the door on the elevator and I worked with my lunate bone fractured for 2 months or so. Then when I finally got tired or being in pain everyday I went to the doctor and they told me that when the elevator hit my wrist it sit the Kienbocks disease off. I have had the surgery to shorten my arm for blood to get to my lunate bone. It still hurts quite a bit when I try to use it. It hurts so bad sometimes I cry. I am still quite confused about what Kienbocks Disease is. I really want to know if I am ever going to 100% again. It's been about 4 or 5 months since I found out about the disease it's been that long since I have been able to work because my job won't let be come back until i'm 100% again. I really don't understand what is going on.
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my story is similar to yours I was working at the school carnival dunking booth and the seat locking device did not work so I went to lock it by hand and the other teacher did not see me so she sat and it crushed my rt hand between two metal plates. Works comp Dr was a quack and splint it bending back for 8 weeks and before I could convince the schoolboard to send me to ortho it was to late. spent next two years having bone transfer from wrist plus therapy. did get most use back but now 10 years later pain in wrist and esp thumb where bone was from almost unbearable now afraid to go to hear what ortho has to say but have put off fushion this lone so not discounting my blessings

From what it sounds like, you too had a radial shortening performed. They cut a piece of your radial bone to relieve the pressure on the lunate and then put a metal plate in to keep your bone together. I'm almost a year since my surgery and I have few complaints. According to my specialist, if you go through physical therapy, you should be able to regain your wrist mobility and function to 100%. I didn't go through with the therapy, I did the exercises on my own and my wrist is well. Also, with our procedure there is a chance to regain blood flow to the lunate bone. So there is a chance of full recovery.

For me, personally, I experience pain in my wrist when it sits in the same position for too long. Like when I sleep, if my hand hangs off the bed my wrist almost freezes up and gets stuck. I wear a brace mostly when I'm sleeping, maybe you should be wearing one where you are doing things that aggravate your wrist.

Hi, I found my Keinbock's settled down after about 4 years. I forgot to take my splint away on holiday and was forced to cope without it. I have carried out a normal life without surgery until I broke my wrist in 3 places this week. I am booked in for surgery tomorrow, however I still do not know what they are going to do as my consultant wasn't available. Keep positive, and I hope it settles for you, like it did for me