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I found out I had kienbocks disease about 10 years ago when I was 15. I was having a lot of pain and weakness in my wrist. I had radial shortening surgery to return more blood supply to my lunate bone. I saw a wrist specialist about a year after my surgery who said everything was looking good the surgery had been a success. I ignorantly thought that was the end of my ordeal. I have had pain off and on over the years when I overuse my wrist but nothing major. Recently i have had a Lil more pain and am losing strength in my wrist. So I went back to the Dr thinking hes just gunna tell me I have to take it easy on my wrist. Instead he told me my sugery ten years ago had not been a success my lunate bone has now collapsed and broken into pieces. I was told that my only option now is a total wrist fusion. I was shocked. I'm really scared I'm only 25 I still need my wrist to take care of kids and work. I'm hoping to talk to some people who have had a wrist fusion to see what my limitations will be and maybe people who have been giving other options that worked for them.

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I'm having the same ordeal just a few years younger than you. My bone is broken and crumbled and way past bone graph. They told me they will not do a fusion or and wrist shortening until i'm way older like in my 50+. Its all such a scary thing.

Hi, I'm new to the group, but not Kienbock's. I had Proximal Row Carpectomy instead of fusion. This maintains mobility. I feel no better than before sugery (2 years age), and wish I listened to the surgeon, and had total fusion. I can't live without anti-inflammatory and pain pills, and so far am not able to return to work.
I'm female, early 40's, single with kids who depend on me.

I am a 37 year old Male married with 4 kids and I had developed Kienbocks disease about like 6 or so years ago for no apparent reason what so ever as far as i know. I was told that i was a great candidate for simply trying to return the blood flow to my arm as with this disease theres like 3 or 4 different kinds of surgery that you can have depending on how far the disease has progressed. So we chose the least invasive surgery at the time and was booked for my surgery then probably like a month or so goes by and i had an MRI done on my right wrist and the disease had progressed quite rapidly in just that short amount of time to where it was already now into the stage 4 already so i was told that with any of the surgerys the disease would still just keep getting worse over time and no matter what you do you will eventuallt just wind up having to have a Total wrist fusion regardless. So I had just went back into the doctor and told him to fuse my wrist... Best decision ever, seriously I can use my wrist as if nothing has ever happened. You just dont have the dexterity like you once had , but no pain what so ever anymore, i used to cry it was so painful before my surgery I couldnt pick up my children anymore before because it was so painful, i couldnt even do bloody dishes without feeling like a painful tinge half way up my wrist it was just unbareable. Even with the fusion though the disease doesnt stop, but it certainly makes you forget about it, I mean my arm isnt the sexiest of arms anymore these days kind of skinny and sunkin in on the top but my God I have my arm back. Best thing you could ever do seriously trust me is to not mess around and waste your time on this and get it done. I have full use of that arm now, you can workout with it , do push up even , lift your kids, play, work , pretty much whatever you put your mind to. One of my screws actually had busted though a few years back so had my plate and screws in there removed but the broken one is still in there as it wasnt able to come out but it has worked its way out a bit more now so will be seeing about a third surgery pretty quick here cause it seems like they could get at it now. I have a life again and and totally pain free, have full use of my hand i just dont have a wrist anymore and thats that!!! Trust me you get used to it, we are not spring chickens anymore so you'll be wanting to get that arm back again big time. I now work as a cook for like the past 3 years now, no pain. And now i can out last my kids playing video games ha ha , cause my wrist is fixed in one position it never ever gets tired now nor painful. Ive been trying to find pictures of othes who have had the same surgery done but cant find them yet, this is actually a very common thing among people of all ages actually. Get your arm back, dont waste any time on this its just a shock to see your arm for a bit after the surgery but you get used to it after a while and you will be thanking your doctor like you wouldnt believe, no more meds for it problem solved cause if you dont its only going to progress to the point that a wrist fusion will be your only option in the end. Your still young enough to deal with it and have a lot of time still ahead of you, but your also old enough to not want to go through anymore of this painful painful thing that is now plagueing you and also your family trust me, you'll thank me. You go to sleep, you wake up and its all done, a few months later your half robot with your pain free arm, its quite the conversation starter to ha ha. Just look at my rambling ha ha. I do hope this has helped, feel free to message me back

There is a surgeon called Elliot Sorene at university college London Hospital that has a particular interest in Kienbock's disease. He is very up to date and one of the only surgeons in the world that does lunate replacements. His website is www.londonhand.com or www.kienbock.co.uk

My daughter went thru the radial shortening. She is 23 and this did not work. Now her bones are collapsed and broken into pieces, is there another alternative to fusing? Has anyone tried the bone grafting?

I have stage 4 kienbocks disease. I am 23. I have been dealing with this since I was 17. I have had 3 surgeries already and on the last surgery, I had to have a bone graft done and that was done in December of 2010. I went to the doctor today and found out that I have to have a complete wrist fusion. And all of the previous hardware has to come out and have to have another bone graft done and that is going to be on the opposite side of the first bone graft so he can have fresh bone to work with and it not be contaminated with scar tissue from the last time. The doctor said that everything that he did in December has healed so nicely, but the reason I am still in soo much pain is because the bone in the wrist is "completely shattered". Not sure if any of this helps you and your daughter, but If it's a chance to help with the pain in the long run, I would do it. I am really scared of my upcoming surgery for the total wrist fusion with the bone graft. It seems like I have been thru most of this stuff.

I was diagnosed at age 13. It's pretty painful. <br />
Fortunately I haven't had the surgery, but it is still a possibility. My doctor told me that the wrist fusion doesn't restrict total movement, just most of it. if it hurts bad enough I think you should have the surgery. If not, then you can just take pain meds like I do.

I had a STT fusion in my right hand in 2001. I had a very good doctor and unless I tell people, no one even notices I have limited motion, I am 41 now and having some wrist pain but n ot sure if it's related. I have an appointment Monday with a specialist. In 2001 is when I found out I had Keinbocks disease of the right lunate. I am ambidextrous so I switch between my right and left hand for writing and other things. I think I was stage 3b when I found out. Another doc had me doing PT without even taking an xray. By the time PT found an ortho to xray me, my lunate was crumbled into little itty bitty pieces!!!! Feel free to email me. An STT fusion is not bad at all. There is nothing I can't do or find a way to do. I used to lift weights and play other sports(even after the fusion) and nort a problem, although I prefer machines over free weights! You will be ok, make sure you are comfortable and confident with your doc!

Check out the Keinbock's group on facebook. They have several members that have had to face the same issues and can help with coping techniques. Also check out the Yahoo! group by the same name and http://darkerblue.kienbock.com/. The Yahoo group has a database of referenced doctors all over from patients that have to deal with the disease