I Have Kd In My Right Dominant Hand.

I have just completed my second attempt at an STT fusion.  The bones didn't fuse and the arthritic changes surrounding the bones of the STT joint has accelerated the affects of the KD.  I am currently at Stage III considering the lunate but now Stage IV because of the arthritic changes.  I am not sure what the next step is.  Flexibility and strength are diminishing rapidly but pain management is the critical issue right now.

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ROM means range of motion
Extension is how far your wrist can bend our wrist up (towards the back of the hand)
Flexion is how far your wrist can bend your hand down (towards the palm)

KD presents itself different and progresses different in each of us so there are standard procedures but no standard treatment. Since there are less than 2000 of us in the US - education about the KD, your specific condition or stage, and the basic treatments for the various stages is the only successful path to the treatment that fits you best.

Sometimes, the patient winds up knowing more detailed information about their condition than their specialist. Really work on finding a hand specialist that you are comfortable with and trust their judgement. That way you and your hand specialist and map out the treatment path that you are comfortable with. Work on getting to the best approach for *you*. Not the way necessarily mine was treated. Not the one procedure that your surgeon has never done before. The best Plan of Attack for you.

Hope this helps.

I wasn't able to post the website but if you do a search for "Kienbock's Disease" they should pop up.

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I have just been diagnosed with Kd and am waiting to see a hand specialist so all this is new to me. Can you explain what R.O.M , extension and flexion means? Im trying to gain as much knowledge as I can before my consultation. Thank you

I had a STT fusion back in February and I was at about a 3B stage. I went through therapy and splinting and now my R.O.M. is only about 18 degrees extension and 45 degrees flexion. The doctor was hoping for more, plus I'm still having pain issues, so he sent me for another CT scan/ arthogram today and will hopefully be able to tell what's going on. Maybe Scar tissue is hindering the R.O.M. but as far as the pain, not sure!! We'll let you know<br />
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