Of Course

i served in the british army of course i killed people
i feel no remorse, nor do i think i should
i am not neccessarily proud of it, nor am i ashamed
although i was a very good shot
quite thrilling and intense.
not enjoyable but not unenjoyable

trev23 trev23
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3 Responses Jan 27, 2012

unless your life was in danger, how could you possibly think a shot was thrilling, it's absolutely horrible you have to take another innocent(assumption) person's life. don't you see you are fighting the rich men's war, we are nothing but tools to them

I come from a long line of military. I am not personally but, my brothers have served in wars. The scars it leaves are visible and invisible. The desc<x>ription you give is very much like theirs. My brother is a medic and worked triage for years. He called me from Iraq once and said, "Sis, celebrate with me." I told him, "Sure, what are we celebrating?" He replied, "No one died today." All I could do was cry silently. This is the reality no joke no screen play no hyped up media bull just life. <br />
<br />
Peace to you.

I would think to have to be able to live life afterward it would take the ability to put it out of your mind. I also think it would help to realize that in a lot of scenarios that the persons would have killed you or others if you did not do what you had to in order to stop them. I am sorry for the loss of their lives and that you had to do that.