It Was a Job

I was in the Army infantry for about 8 years most of it as a scout/sniper. I never had a problem doing what I did but I realize it affected me in subtle ways later in life. I haven't had a dream that I remembered in about 10 years, I have to get stoned to go to Wal-mart during the day around all the people, I sit at the edges of crowds, bars,'s just little things that I notice from time to time.

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5 Responses May 16, 2008


1) Party Rock
2) Basically Just Represent
3) Make power moves
4) F@ck sh!t up

... Climb to Glory. We will party in hell. We will make it fun. We will live again

war sucks. next time I want to go somewhere relaxing, not damaging

I know what you notice. I didn't have to become a sniper. I spent a long time alone with little sleep, maintaining vigilance. I see it.

I don't mean to start a flame war or anything but I think anyone who could be a clerk in any war lucked out. Big time. You skipped all the killing, the dead bodies...war is hell. Being a sniper is impressive, but it is nothing I truly envy. <br />
<br />
I salute you for your service to this country, and I am impressed at the level of skill you must have to achieve the position but....I am happy to be here in the country you protect living a civilian life. We all have our choices, and I am happy with mine.