Why I Now Carry A Shotgun As My Primary In Heavily Urban Areas

This isn't about the first time I killed someone, that was mostly a blur. When doing Executive Protection you don't hang around, you shoot while you're getting your principal the hell out of dodge. I don't like doing it, but killing on the job has never really bothered me: the other guy always gave a damn good reason before he got shot. The time I killed as a civilian, though, has really stuck with me.

It was just after 0300 and I was getting ready for bed when I heard a commotion start outside my apartment. I saw that it was a man beating a woman, apparently his girlfriend from their shouted conversation, so I called the police. Several minutes later, the police still hadn't arrived and the man had gotten steadily louder and more enraged, but had stopped hitting the woman. All of a sudden, he screamed at the top of his lungs, "I'm gonna kill you, you *****!," and tackled the woman with his hands around her throat. I grabbed my Mossberg 590A1 and dialed 911 again to inform them the situation became critical and I had to intervene, basically I said, "He says he's going to kill her, I'm stepping in, the cops aren't here yet, I'm wearing a black and white plaid robe and have a shotgun."

I stepped out and pied the corner at high ready and ordered him to stop, and told him the police were on the way. He jumped up off the woman and took a couple steps towards me, stopping about 15m away, waving his arms around and shouting, "What are you gonna do about it? Shoot me? Pull the trigger, ************, pull the trigger!" I ordered him to lay on the ground face down with his hands behind his head and instead of listening he grabbed a brick off the ground and charged me, forcing me to shoot him. I was aimed center mass and all 15 pellets of 00 buck hit in a 4" circle and he just dropped, drt.

Later they found that he was on meth and PCP. Being shot at never bothered me as much as staring down that crazy bastard who just didn't give a **** what was goig to happen. If I had grabbed my carbine or a pistol, there was a decent chance that he would have seriously injured or killed me with that brick before he succumbed to his wounds, so I took that lesson to heart and really embraced the shotgun as my platform of choice within 150m or less. Rifles have better penetration, SMGs are more concealable, but when it comes to needing to drop someone on the spot, nothing beats a 12g shotgun.
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Thanks for sharing. As someone who has no experience with this, it's really insightful to learn about the things going through your mind (and the aftermath) as you have to deal with this situation...

I think you handled it correctly. I would've done the same if I had it in me to pull the trigger. I won't know until I'm forced into a situation like that though

i dont condone killing as a civilian but i understand that was on self-defense so its is allowed in my book, i hope you didnt took it too personal or carried to much of bad feelings towards the situations as sometimes is the case in one-on-one close range fire.

What's the difference between killing as a civilian vs. killing as a LEO or military? Any situation where you have to kill or be killed is the same, and carries the same toll.