A Bad Job

My profession takes me anywhere and everywhere; though my name is not well known, I have several clients in many places who recommend me.

I was in Mexico at the time, cleaning up an odd entity that referred to itself as "Oleoso Jorge," in English "Oily George."

After the entity was removed, I was cleaning oil off my cane when I was asked by a boy on the street to come to his house and help his grandmother. I was nervous, but my cane had a blade and a weight, not to mention I kept a gun tucked in my jacket.

After the job, my nerves were on edge. I thought I was about to be attacked, and it turns out I was right. I was tapping my cane on the ground when a man probably ten years older than me rushed out of an alley, bearing a long machete sort of knife.

I jumped back, scared to death, both startled and freaked out. He knocked my cane aside, and threw me to the ground. I tried to throw a punch but he cut my chest. He looked me in the eye, put his blade to my chest, and I realized: this was going to be a murder.

He accused me of banishing his father's spirit, and drew back the machete as if to strike. But I swung my hand out of my jacket and shot his wrist with my .44 magnum. He screamed in pain, and reached for his back pocket. I, assuming he had a gun, fired again...

Into his neck. I fired again, this shot striking his chest. I was so scared... I should have stopped. I should have known he didn't have a gun; he was reaching for a knife. He wasn't a threat to me when I fired the shot that ended his life.

I was in Mexico, so it goes without saying that the police didn't care, nor was I in a rush to tell them. But it feels good to get this off my chest, off my mind. It's bothered me for months, since I did it.
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2 Responses Sep 7, 2012

You've been watching way to many movies!! So u walk around with a big *** magnum?? I doubt that.

Is this by any chance from GTA4?