I Have Killed Someone.

When I was in Afghanistan I shot 3 people, 2 died pretty slowly and horribly and the other got away but probably died later on. It was my job at the time, but I also feel like my life has been changed in a profound way and I feel guilt in that I have ended lives. They were just people like me who probably joined the Taliban for adventure or because they wanted to be part of something.
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Well, you helped the world in doing that. Sometimes, tragically, people have to die. You know you didn't cause that need, only fulfilled it.

Sometimes we see what we or others do as "bad" or "wrong" but we won't ever know domino effect we prevented or how much worse things might have become. I suffer with a great deal of gilt over my past and my life has also changed my outlook on other people and life. I don't think others who haven't been through it understand or comprehend how truly fragile and similar every person is.

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I'm glad that I had a somewhat low-risk job while I was over there. I was required to carry my M-4 at all times, but I never had to use it. At times, **** got crazy, but the SF & MP's, & infantry kept things in line. I don't think I would ever get over killing someone, no matter how justified it was.

You did what you had to do. I assume that you were in the US military? The military makes mistakes, and people will argue the merits and faults of being in Afghanistan until the cows come home. But there are two undeniable facts. 1.) The US Military goes to extraordinary measures-taking much higher risk than many believe is warranted-to reduce the loss of innocent life and to help those in need of assistance. 2.) The Taliban are brutally abusive people who thrive on hatred of outsiders and the misery of their own people. There is a huge difference between people who join the US military and those who join the Taliban. It is sad that you had to kill, but I would be willing to bet that by doing so, you have spared many women and children from extraordinary misery and pain.