Yes I Have :)

Standing before you, heart in my hands, our arms wrap around each other for a long awaited hug, I look gently into your eyes. We are but a breath apart from each other and I can smell your scent as it gently wafts up to my senses. Closing my eyes for just the barest of minutes, I can feel your body and soul wrap around me without even a touch.

Slowly, ever so slowly, you move towards me, the kiss is soft and our breathing deepens...intensifying and knowing no end...

I still remember our first kiss............

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7 Responses May 16, 2010

bifarmboy- maybe you will meet someone never know :) <br />
<br />
Haunted5- Absolutely !!! It's always about creating the memories :)

Very happy for you, I've yet to meet anyone from EP,. but have only seen a couple people that were within a couple hours away.

Since I've written this I can say I have kissed a few members - LOL

Marcus101- LOL...yes definete channeling :)

Indeed, fungirl was there in her own special way, channeling...channelling...<br />
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woops, where was I again? Oh yeah, snowy's first kiss...:P<br />
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LOL- Thanks for adding that FG. I didn't even think about know how rumors get started tho...<br />
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But you were there in your own special way :)

And I remember it too! LOL <br />
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Note to All: I am not the member Snowy kissed so no men get excited please but I do remember that moment very well. lol