One Month

It was August 1st. I had posted a couple of questions in the Q&A section with a few people here and there answering. I responded to some of them. The one girl, I decided to call, Julie (I had no idea what her real name was). I saw her pop up on a couple more of my questions and was just happy to see that my questions were garnering some interest in people. I like to make people laugh and so when I see the "haha" or the "lol" I'm a happy man.

But, a few minutes later, and she friends me. YIPEE!!!! I told her I was glad that she had because I was running out of ways to impress her (that in fact was not my intention with all my questions and responses but she got a good laugh from it). We then took our conversations to private messaging, where she revealed her real name.

We continued to have many good laughs and a connection started. Everyday I couldn't wait to get home from work to see if she had written me. In fact, I was able to check on my phone sometimes while I was at work, and we could talk back and forth for a bit. But we stayed up late into the night (her later than me because she lives east of me) talking about anything and everything, still laughing our heads off.

August 2nd and I throw the crazy idea out there to come and visit her. It was initially going to be in April next year, but then as we talked more and more, that seemed to be too long. So I said what about the next long weekend. She is obviously a bit apprehensive, as any woman should be meeting a man from online, but she can feel my genuine character and personality. We continue to work out the details, and the date is set for me to fly and see her.

We talk more and more each day about how our first kiss is going to be the moment we see each other at the airport, her running into my arms, our lips locked for the first of many kisses. I envision it and can't wait to feel it with full force.

Well it was a long day of flying. 5am on a bus, flight at 10am, layover for 5 hours, then onto my final destination by midnight. She is picking me up at the airport. We have seen each others pictures, but that still doesn't make is the real thing.

I wasn't nervous until the moment I got off the plane. Straight to the washroom to brush my teeth :) Need to have good breath for that first kiss right? Then up the stairs and out of the door into the arrivals...where is she? Will I recognize her? Will she be here already?

Then there she was. I must admit, at first I wasn't 100% sure if it was her. She didn't look like she had in the pictures. She was much shorter than I envisioned (even though she'd told me her height) but SO SO much more gorgeous. I was absolutely captivated by her smile and eyes. However, the running into my arms deep passionate kiss didn't happen, as I, and she, knew it wouldn't. It was just too nerve wracking and new. But a hug did happen, one that I held onto for longer than normal. She was so amazing. So beautiful. So wonderful. So off we go to the car.

We chat and chat and smile and smile all the way to the hotel I'm staying at. I'm still thinking in my head I need to get that kiss in somewhere (I feel like it is the guys responsibility to make that happen). But I'm nervous naturally. So I sign in at the hotel and drop my stuff off in my room. But I'm famished from a long day and so we decide to go and get some ice cream at McDonalds®. It is 2am now but a wonderful evening so we walk there. As we leave the hotel, she asks me why I have a wry little smirk on my face. I tell her it is nothing.

Just as we start walking, I take her hand in mine. WOW!!! It feels so wonderful to be holding her finally, even if it is just her hand. She smiles and neither of us is saying a thing. My heart is pounding. I know it needs to happen soon. We've now been together for about an hour and the kiss that we both want so badly hasn't happened. All of a sudden I stop....

Right there in the parking lot, I swing her around towards me, pull her close, and kiss her so gently. We lock our lips in a passionate frenzy that has been exactly one month coming from the day she friended me. I couldn't be happier. She says, "So that is what the smirk meant." I admit that yes, it was exactly what the smirk was for.

The rest of the weekend is filled with many more kisses, in all shapes and sizes. Her lips are like a combination of the morning breeze after a stormy night with soft white clouds buzzing around the sky and flowers in full bloom on a bright spring morning with the sunlight dancing on the dew in a dazzling display that makes you feel so alive. Her lips are a taste I can never get enough of.

She is now the only woman I kiss, and I want it to stay that way forever. We live far away and it is not easy, but I love this woman more than anything in the world, and I will do whatever it takes to make it work. One day we will kiss on everyday of the week, in the parking lot, the car, or anywhere else that we want to show our love.
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Oh...such an amazing and awe-inspiring story!! I don't even know you and I'm so happy for you two! :)
I love seeing happy EP love stories....this is about the best one I've read...

Awww thanks BD :) I just re-read it myself and wow I must say it is quite delightful a story... It was so absolutely amazing a weekend and one that I will never forget. We had a few more wonderful weekends together but unfortunately it didn't last.

wow it seems like a fairytale

You have some amazing storytelling skills. Great story with vivid imagery.

Awww, what a terrific story! Is it still going strong (I hope so!). In three weeks I am meeting a local EP'er. I still have to fly a couple of hours but kissing (and hugging) are right up there on our to-do list. In those two days, I am going to have my fill to keep me going. I need it, I crave it. Thanks for your story xx

absolutely beautiful story :)

SO cute!
My husband flew to see me for the first too. We had been talking for 5 months.
I was so excited I could not drive. Too worried I would wreck the car. hahaha
My best friend drove, Him and I talking to each other on our cell phones as he waited on the curb. He saw the car first before I saw him. He was saying " CRV right??? I see you guys." I was still looking through the mass crowd of people. He blended in. Then I saw him, I jumped out of the car while it was still moving. I wasn't waiting for my friend to pull over...
I pretty much jumped on him, I almost knocked him down.We just held each other and cried a lot, we were so happy. Like you guys we did not kiss right at first like we both thought we would. That came later on in the evening. The first time he kissed me I kissed him back at first, and then pulled away. All of a sudden I was really shy and self-conscious. I pulled away and smiled up at him. Awwww poor guy thought I did not like the way he was kissing me.
I found out later.
It was so sweet.
I am happy you both.It is nice to hear stories that are so much like how ours started out :-)

That's so awesome...I don't know how you waited 5 months :-o I could not. I love that you couldn't drive. That is so cute. And there has been tears with us...but only every time I have to leave :( So sad. So who moved to who when you got to that point? And did you get engaged while you were still living apart? And congratulations to both of you. That is so magical. So unexpected right :)

:-) Originally we had planed to wait for an entire year just to see if we were still communicating and as interested as we wee when we first started having feelings for one another. But I had invited him to visit sooner.
There were SO MANY tears with every trip.. every time he would visit I cry then entire 45 minute drive to the airport and all the way home. That is the hardest part.
And then the next couple days is hard to adjust to being without them there too. But we knew it wouldn't always be that way. He moved to where I live. It was easier all the way around for him to relocate then it would have been for me. He said after the first trip here he knew he was going to marry me :-) I knew it too. We talked a lot about it too. But the engagement happened after he moved here.
So unexpected!!!But so wonderful. And you guys too.
You are both welcome anytime to PM me and talk about anything.
I know exactly what it is like.. Happy for you both..:-D

That is one lucky girl!! =)

She is just so amazing he can't be anything but nice and loving to her :) He feels like the luckiest man in the world...

Mr. Paradox, I love you soooo much! Words just can't express how happy you have made me and how blessed I am to have met you. The love you give me is the kind I have only dreamt of before. Thank you sweetheart, for being so amazing........for being YOU. =)

Awww ***blushes*** I love you too babe. I'm glad you have finally woken up and realized that your dream is reality :)