Klebsiella Infection

 I been diagnosed with this nagging throat infection  hope to find a cure and would also like to meet others with similar problem

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2 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I have also been diagnosed with klebsiella bacteria and doctor put me on tobramycin Solution inhale , I have been on this antibiotic and betamethasone antinflamatory for 11 days , it's a 30 days treatment , it's working but very slowly , still feel the pleghm in my throat and clearing of my throat , besides stuffy nose hope it will get better in a few days . Do you have any feedback?

I got klebsiella pneumonial after my mohs surgery. Scared to death . how are you doing now?

I have just been diagnosed with a klebsiella infection of the throat. I was treated for thrush for a week until the results came back negative for yeast and positive for klebsiella. The doc said she's never really seen this type of throat and mouth infection before. At least I finally know why I've been feeling so lousy.