I Have Been Afflicted Since Before I Can Remember...

i remember being around 11 and being told i had missed days of school. mainly over the weekends i would somehow manage to sleep through almost full days of my life. diagnosing other sleep disorders out of the equation, my family and i were left with one conclusion... facing the prospect of hours of free time has always made mine worse. i have taken ambien as a way to regulate my sleep though i have discovered it is dangerous to give someone who has excessive sleep (such as people who have kls) sleeping drugs. our bodies do not recognize the sleep aspect of the drug and instead replace it with a waking "dreamlike" state. i myself have driven a car and and had waking nightmares from taking them. the problem is better addressed FOR ME as a WAKING disorder. i have made significant progress taking adderall or any daily/awake-time stimulant to allow my body to recognize better when to be AWAKE. though doctors dont officially recognize kleine levin as an official diagnosis to prescribe amphetamines, it tends to mock the symptoms of ADD as well as depression. uppers in general tend to help people with my condition though you must be sure to let the afflicted person know to take tolerance breaks rather then up the prescribed dosage. let them know to alert the people they work for before they take the tolerance breaks to allow a deviation in their work schedule. also alert them that upping the dosage rather than allowing tolerance breaks is dangerous to their health by way of heart attack blood clot and anemia. Also though it may be less known, colder weather has a VERY outright effect on my disorder. I can operate almost normally in the cold weather months (i live in utah btw) and on the days i can lower the temperature in my apartment i live almost normally (despite excessive tiredness even with stimulants). if someone has another diagnoses i could fall under i would appreciate input... though an accurate diagnosis has been long since overdue and this does seem to fit my symptoms. I do hope to help my fellow afflicted with my own observations but also if you have any of your own id be appreciative forevermore.
whiterose91 whiterose91
Nov 29, 2012