I'm Interested In Those Of You Who Would Like To Share Your Experience

Hello "I Have Kleptomania" group,

First of all, I know this group is for support purposes and I admire that fact, but I feel like I can help you in other ways as well. I am wondering if any of you are interested in sharing your story with me about your experience with Kleptomania? It can be powerful to share your stories with others and reach out to those who want help. I am compiling stories from people across the world who have mental health diagnoses for a book to be published in March 2011. If you are interested, please reply to this message. Thanks! I promise, this is not a scam, I am affiliated with a University.

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2 Responses Jun 29, 2010

yes it is still going on and we could really use some help. we are looking for people who are willing to share stories about their experience with kleptomania. the stories will be used in a book used to train people to help others with kleptomania. please contact me if you are interested in helping out. this is not a scam we are affiliated with arizona state university.

is this still going on?