20 Plus Years Into My Compulsion And Finally Got Caught At Walmart

My story goes back so many years along with so many things I've taken.  I started seeing a shrink to help me and today I saw him. We were on the subject of how I had done the previuos week. I told him I'm have snowballing panic attacks. And I ended up going down town with the intent to steal at Safeway Oh yea, and buy  afew things while I was there, Then as I'msitting in his office I noticed everything I was wearing was lifted. When I told him this, he said even the new shoes, Yep, I said and the underware socks, bra, jewlery my hat and the purse I was wearing,  I havent gone to court yet. I am scared shi**less. I need help!!

LuRella31 LuRella31
Sep 17, 2010