I Just Realized I Have A Problem...

Hello.....I have been on a desperate search for help about a problem I have just recently realized is an addictive behavior called Kleptomania - I have been stealing/shoplifting for a few years now and I suddenly feel an overwhelming sense of guilt, worthlessness and fear...I believe I need an immediate intervention but there aren't many options out there for this disease. I figured starting with online support would be the quickest and least invasive way to go about this.....can you help me?!
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3 Responses Nov 30, 2010

Is there really someone out there willing to listen and hear a cry for help comprehension, clarity. I have a lifetime of pain neatly packaged, and disguised. but I hope that its controllable now that I've lost almost everything that I've worked to achieve. Lets call it kleptomania

Hi I'm 13 and I realized I have this problem when I was about 11 I was always Jeoulous about my friends and what they had and I didn't so that's when I started steeling the most money I've ever stolen was 600$$ and that's how I got my phone I stole that from my grandparents i think the reason y I steal from them mostly is bc my parents are adopted do i tell myself that's it's ok b they aren't my real grandparents I recently just got caught and confessed that I was trying to steal but however I didn't tell him how I got my phone I felt so bad about I even got the urge to cut myself but I didn't go threw with it when I'm syealing something that big it doesn't feel like I'm doing it it kinda feels like I'm watching someone who looks like me do these awful things I guess when I see something I want I hurt let my bad side take over and do its thing I really want to stop I haven't told anybody this and I really don't want to so I just keep quiet and don't tell anybody

I have been a Kleptomaniac since my pre-teen years. you should talk to someone before it gets out of control or worse...u get caught...