I Have Kleptomania.

I'm so relieved that I found this group because I always thought I was alone in this struggle. I've had a stealing problem as long as I can remember... When I was a toddler I would steal toys from my preschool and hide them under my dress. In elementary school I would take pens and rubber bands from the teacher's desk when the room was empty and sometimes I would go around to people's backpacks and take their keychains. I've always known that what I do is wrong, and when I get caught I feel so humiliated. I know better but I can't stop. Trying to resist the urge to steal is almost impossible, and when I finally give in I get a happy high knowing I just acquired something new. I've stolen clothes, makeup, jewelry from my friends, things from the people I babysit for, and I used to steal from my parents until they caught me once at age 12. I got in so much trouble and now I only take from friends or strangers. One time I was at a sleepover and a girl had left her backpack open. I couldn't resist! I told myself I would only look around and I was in the act of opening her wallet when I heard her walking towards the room. Hurredly I put the wallet back but she still saw me with my hand in her backpack. I tried to distract her by starting an unrelated conversation but I knew she knew and it was horrible. The guilt from what I do is immense, but still I crave the high. 

Lately my best friend has been ignoring me. She wont tell me why and I've been thinking about what I could have done and it occurred to me that I stole from her wallet and took some shirts from her when we were on a vacation together last month. There's no way she could have known unless there were hidden cameras or something but what else could it be? I feel so guilty. I'm too embarrassed to talk to her and find out if that's even the real issue. I can't take the risk.

I want so badly to stop but every day is a struggle. I tell myself that I don't need the thing I want to steal, that people will notice that I have something of theirs, or that my mom will want to know where I got this new thing. This can only end with me behind bars when I finally steal something of value. Do you guys know how this feels?

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Hello. Your stories are identical to mine. I am of school age and I sometimes steal from school but I know what I have done is wrong. I know how hard life can be but try to get a new friend that understands you.<br />
Best of luck, Coco

Hello. Your stories caught my attention. I'm currently working on a new medical series about people with rare syndromes. Evidently, Kleptomania often has a neurological or genetic foundation. I'd greatly like to speak with some about the show and what we're looking to do. In a nutshell, we want to tell stories and show the world that people with Kleptomania should not be reviled because it is a serious illness, they can be helped. My contact information is below. Thanks much. If interested, please contact me ASAP.<br />
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I know what it's like living with a klepto.I realised that it does'nt matter how angry I get when he steals something that belongs to me,I can't stop him.I used to be angry all the time with him, but now I know he can't help himself.Still <br />
my family won't bring their bags or wallets with them when they visit,they know all about it.They are friendly to him but there is no real trust there.I don't trust him and He's been my flatmate for nearly eight years.His own brother does'nt want him to know where he lives,and I learned why he wears his bag on him at all times.It's horrible being on the receiving end, but it must be hell on your guys side of the fence.I feel for you as I do for him.Anj