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I had a brain scan done back in February and it looks like my Lyme did a lot of damage to both of my temporal lobes and my thalamus causing Kluver Bucey syndrome. One of the symptoms is an indiscriminate hypersexuality that I really need to get rid of. Apparently it works through the mediodorsal thalamic relay in the thalamus.

So I need to find some way to cause my thalamus to calm down. I was hoping someone would have some kind of information on supplements or dietary measures one could take to improve thalamic help.

I used to suck down cigarettes like they were water and i was eating constantly.  I lost all drive and couldn't remember anything.  I'm rebounding now but it's slow.  I'll add more when I wake up tomorrowL
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this is my problem too is there any thing that will calm down the hypersexuality as I feel I can no longer sicialise.

Yeah, I think there are things you can do. In terms, of my situation I need to address the Lyme Disease to get rid of the symptoms completely. You can do maintenance however. I take supplements of GABA, phosphatidyl-serine (for glycine), theanine, and choline (for acetylcholine).

The GABA and glycine are important for regulating thoughts and impulses and both act as stimulants as well as blockades in the nervous system. (Not exactly the technical way of saying it.) Both are also in sexual arousal and therefore play a key role in the problems surrounding Kluver Bucy when the symptoms are not caused by the wholesale removal of or damage to portions of the brain.

I'll send more in private message.

Also, I've read carbamazepine, an anti-epilepsy drug is good for controlling the symptoms no matter how you got KB. My psychiatrist put me on something similar, Lamotrigine, after I had my SPECT scans. So now I take 100mg twice a day. It helps.

I have K B after getting encephalitis 8 years ago. I have some other behavioural probs but the sexual thing is the worst I can not seem to control my impulses towards the opposite sex and this causes offence. Do you know if the supplements suitable for someone who has ABI post encephalitis.

I can't see why you wouldn't be able to use the supplements with ABI post encephalitis. They're just regular amino acids and/or amino acids that are also neurotransmitters. I use pharmaceutical grade supplements from "Designs for Health" and "Xymogen". If you need to find a doctor who will get you access to stuff like that I would call Xymogen or Designs for Health and ask them for doctor's in whatever area you're in that use them.

That's how I found my Lyme doc.

In terms of the Lamotrigine, I think it's a pretty standard treatment for KB. Since you're a woman you'll probably need a different drug though. Lamotrigine is the anti-epileptic that has fewer side-effects in men. It has more side-effects in women.

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