My Therapy Sweater. :)

Well the reason why i call this my therapy sweater first of all is because one of my dearest friends pulled a Houdini on me for no reason. so wondering what i did or what happened to our friendship, i became depressed, so months passed and a thought struck me!
 " why don't i knit a sweater to pass these blues??"  
so i started knitting my first sweater and yes its blue, pastel blue in fact!
i admit i was a little bit intimidated at first because its my first sweater i ever knitted before and i didn't want to screw it up! 
 so i started to knit with my pastel blue yarn from the cast on to the neck and i was like " this isn't that hard!" so i knitted the back to finish it and started on the sleeves! i wasn't paying attention that my yarn was running out when i was doing the decreases for the sleeve cap, so then i stopped knitting my sweater for a couple days and wow. first time i missed knitting a project and longed for the gentle clicking of my addi turbo's. so one day my mother and i went out for food shopping and i got my yarn!!

So i finished the first sleeve and seamed it poorly, so i went back at it and fixed it!  then i started on the second sleeve and it was finally done!! 

I added black ribbing to the sleeves and cast-on to prevent it from rolling upwards because it was in the stockinette stitch. 

My therapy sweater is done and you know that depression? i still have it from time to time but my knitting keeps it away. :)

me in my sweater! ^

P.S apologies if i made any misspellings or grammar errors!
xionfairy xionfairy
22-25, F
Feb 8, 2013