I Was Bullied By Tough Girls

i always doubted girl being strong i bet my friend that girls werenr stronger then boys and if i lost i would have to be bullied by girls and if she lost she would be bullied by boys everyday for a year mostly wedgies well the other day i was walking through the park when these girl called me i go over there and they were saying stupid stuff so i walked away and they said get back here i kept walking when they grabbed me i started saying mean stuff and saying girls couldnt do anything so they picked me up and carried me to the bathroo they put my head in the toilet and started giving me a swirly then they stop and i begged them to stop but one girl said no and pulled up my underwear and put me in a hanging wedgie they told me they would be back they left and like an hour passed by till they came back and took me down i thought it was over until they tied me up and carried me to this desert they put me in short shorts with these big sandals and a sweater they put me back in a hanging wedgie on this tree till i said im sorry and girls are stronger then boys then they took me down and untied my feet they left my hands tied up and left me i was a couple miles away from my house i had to go walking home without being seen and trying not to trip or else i couldnt get up i get home and my sis and her friend is there they took pics and told me they would untie me if i let them give me wedgies and wear or let them do whatever they want whenever they wanted to so now i lost the bet and have to be bullied for 365 days and let my sis and her friends do whatever they want they said tomorrow there gonna make me wear short shorts and therw gonna give me a hanging wedgie on a poll for 15 hours and they said i have to ask people what wedgie i should get and what i should wear and other things that should happen so if you people dont mind cant you post stuff that should happen and what i should wear and the wedgie i should get. sorry if therea typos and thanks for helping but i guess i deserved it
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ur friend probally hired them considering they did same stuff.