The Day You Left

That's when my heart broke. I didn't know at first that you would not be back. I waited, but you never returned. You left me completely and without saying goodbye. I wanted you to come back and explain- explain all the stories and lies. You didn't and with each month that passed, another piece of my heart broke off and shattered into pieces on the ground. Did you mean to devastate me so completely? Did you mean for me to give up? I only wanted your love and trust and you fed me lies and false hopes.

A man that can do that to a woman is a coward. If you really are a man, as much of a man as you claim, then you would have some balls and stand up to what you did. Are you man enough or are you still a little boy? Are you afraid to face me or do you have what it takes?  Men make their own fate, boys run and hide. Which one are you?
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Jan 7, 2013