Proud Of My 100DD's

I am proud of my natural 100DD (40DD in some parts of the World) boobs and love to show them at every opportunity. I never wear a bra ; in fact, I don't even own a bra.My boobs are not overly big, but very firm with average size nipples. I have a naughty streak and often go out in a see-through blouse with nothing underneath just to enjoy the reaction on people's faces LOL!!!
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49 Responses May 31, 2010

they sound they could be filling with milk it can be stimulated with regular massage

So it was you diving past me with your parachute. Many happy landings.

Couldn't have been her - she doesn't need a Parachute!

I'm a breast loving man, can you please add me to see those

to you group to enjoy those....

can you please add me in your group to enjoy and to write something....

Thanks for sharing!

I'd like to pleasure being your friend I like the way you think

You love to tease, do t you ;-)

If you don't own a bra I know your a liberated woman. And you know what you want!!
Fine in my book.. Wanta' see some more... Add me? Thanks

I don't know about your breast but your legs are certainly fantastic.

I would love to pass you on the street and just admire those beauties in see through top

Great attitude. If you have them, flaunt them. Reinstate the pic for all to see!

I appreciate a woman who is confident and proud of her assets. Good for you!

really..... i miss the view

They look really good from here

I woudl love to see them, please add me as a friend. Thanks

Okay...the next question is...where did you get that awesome top on your avatar?

I would surely like to have a long-lingering, lust-filled look at your zophtic Girlz up-top!!
I also would like to share some luscivious, raunchy banter that may have your kitty sopping wet and you mind racing with desire!!

PLEASE allow me this one wish,

It'll be fun, X-citing, and ***-filled...

I would be too...lovely and smothering my face!

I 'd love to feel your pillows between my face:!!!

would loveee to see them but gota ask ?? do they give you back problems ??

us guys usually like to buy our woman or lady undies :) what does yours buy you ?? lol

a attractive lady to hunn??

You have a beauty that not all women have.

You love to show I love to watch. We are made to be friend;$

Please add I would love to see

i love your great boobs gr8white. would love to see more of them. could you add me please

I would love to see them

from what i can see you have lovely breast would love to see more of them young lady

Beautiful breasts- one of God's great gifts to the world. Please don't ever lose your confidence in their display as so many poor women end up doing. To blazes with the envious prudes

You definitely have a nice set there. Would love to run my hands and mouth all over them :)

Nice introduction. When we meet I will only look into your eyes and wonder why you have added 20 years to your age. your Honesty Babe...stay Sexy!!<br />
<br />
Happy New year!

I'm intensely curious to see your natural beauties after reading the many comments on them. It seems you enjoy sharing them and showing them off and I would be a most appreciative fan if you care to add me. If you got it, flaunt it, I always say.

Oh you would get a huge reaction out of me,that would be a sight for sore eyes!Hmm I am wondering how big 100dd's are!In the States I guess the biggest I ever saw were 38G's.Anyway fun reading this.Thank you.

Gr8 there is a gal on my bowling team that claims to be a 66dd and i thought that measurment was off in some way and you are A 100 DD? not trying to scam a pic from you but id like to see even a clothed example if you could im curious!

Amen! i love it when other women embrace their breast and share them

I must say your boobs what I can tell from your<br />
Profile pic lookvery nice and ride high <br />
Like my wifes do she almost never wears<br />
A bra either we really enjoy the nude life style<br />
Too very relaxing and fun.

100dd !!! A miracle...add me plz so I can view these natural wonders !

Yoiu certainly got my attention!!!! Beautiful!! Would love to be friends as I adore women with large natural breasts.

Love a full breasted woman. Hope to become friends. ;-)

From your icon, I can see that you are indeed blessed with a lovely bosom. Just as important, you have a sexy attitude. Thank you for sharing.

hi love huge boobs, i see your comments on lots of peoples stories. would love you to add me to your list of friends. could not send request normal way , would not accept thank you

nice...i have never seen 100 DD breast before..i wonder how they make look and feel?

those look great, if youve got it flaunt it!

Woweee Gr8white,<br />
You really do have me confused! I cannot make up my mind between your desc<x>riptions of yourself (including your tale about your tea break with your colleague) and your avatar. <br />
I have a question: Is it an avatar or, is it an actual picture of you? I suppose a peek at your posted photos would there a chance that I might see your pics?<br />
Ta - in anticipation.....<br />

Love big boobs...they sound just right and the fact nthat you are a seasoned lady makes it more exciting.

WOW!!!! Your breasts are amazing and so you should show them off and my wife thinks they great too and we both like woman with large breast and big nipples xx

I looked at your EP Icon and all I can say is WOW! What fun that would be to play with them.

And from your profile pic, they appear to be as firm as someone in her 20s. You should be proud of them

My wife has 44DD's and they sway beautifully when she is braless.

Mmmm would love to see them swaying as you walk.

My reaction is not on my face is my **** that has reacted.