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Since age 14, I've had size 32G breasts. It's impossible to find bras or clothes that fit correctly Being forced into womanhood has resulted in my extremely low self-esteem. I can't stand to look in the mirror. I've always worn oversized/baggy clothing and have developed horrible posture from slumping to hide them. One day I really hope that I'll be able to learn to love my body. :/
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Personally, I don't swim. I hate the feeling of water on my skin. But, yes - I am in some extracurriculars, band to be more specific; they're helping a bit.<br />
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Often-times, finding the correct bra size isn't the problem. It's the money bras are, like 80$ a pop. It's about the same online. Unless you know of some cheap ones! That would certainly be helpful. :) Also, unfortunately, my mother is as lost as I am. She's a 36 B, so this is all new to her.<br />
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I've actually begun looking into Breast Reduction surgery... I think it may improve my quality of life.<br />
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But, thanks! I really appreciate the concern.

"...pls oh pls don't reduce them, I can try &amp; suck them smaller... - friends pls"

I know the pain you are going through. I went through the same issues you are when I was younger. My self esteem was very low at one point. I got myself out of the worst by getting involved in school activities. I found I could swim without being too worried about my breasts and I did pretty good. <br />
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There are all kinds of resources available to you. Get yourself fitted into the correct sized bra is the first thing you can do. Large cup sized bras with small band sizes are available on-line at many retailers that offer excellent assistance to you and offer generous return policies so you can order bras of different size and then you can try them on to find the one that fits best. Ask your mother to help you.<br />
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Let me know how you are doing. I'll try to help you best I can.<br />
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