Large Boobies!

I started developing young, and they're still going.. slowly but surely. I have a feeling I'm going to need a reduction one day, but I hope not. The key is lots of exercise and physical upkeep! I'm going to read through everyone else's experiences here and hopefully gain some insight into some other larger ladies lives.
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Your a beautiful lady!

How big are you?

Great attitude, hope you found great advice! :)

I think you will not get a breast reduction

hey beautiful ;)

Have you gained any insight into larger ladies lives; if so what was it ?

I think they are lovely

Remember to do the exercises to keep your back strong. And get a proper bra fitting to purchase the correct bra. It'll make a huge difference to Your shoulders.

Hope they slow way down 4 U Beautiful so U wont have any problems dealing with & carring them around !! Love 2 be friends add me Thanks TT.

I've had some friends with exceptionally large breasts and they had the right mindset where they appreciated all the positives that come with being a super busty girl and just accepted the negatives. And there are certainly a lot of positives.

I'd love an add.

Seriously don't get a reduction. I mean i'm huge and even though it can be a hassle I wouldnt want it shorter. What we have is a gift

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My ex had extremely large breasts - 34H. I understand the joys and the frustrations that go with them... Please add me x

I love big boobs, think of how many women want to be in your place. Please add me. Thanks.

sounds nice :)

Don't ever slouch Holly! Walk proud and stand up straight. MilkyLover's got some real good advice and I would say the most important is staying in shape. Workout, lead a healthy lifestyle and focus on proper diet if you haven't done so already. Keep your abs and your back strong! It will help take pressure off your chest when the surrounding muscles are in good shape. Don't forget about your shoulders, legs, and butt. Don't be afraid to use weights too. Go lighter weights for endurance and you won't get masculine from them lol. A strong upper body is sexy in a woman, especially with the added curves that you have. One more thing. Don't go under the knife unless you've seriously thought about all the aspects of breast reduction surgery. It should be the very last option. Please add me as a friend if you need some advice or just want to talk. Good luck.

I would love to see your pictures, please add me as a friend.Thanks.


Jelous.. looks like im am going to need an enlargement

first of all you are really hot... are right exercise lot and strenghten the back and the breast muscles...easier to handle the big size...could you pls add me as well?thanks

Hey there! Plz add me or mail me

My friend got a reduction. I'm not sure about the whole process behind getting a reduction. She was very happy after the reduction, the only concern was just aesthetically the lateral scar after the surgery. But apparently they heal and the healing is different for each person.

Do anything and try anything to avoid getting surgery! You look good.

i'm glad to hear that baby, it would be a shame to get rid of natures beauty...

You are incredibly beautiful

One of m friends are planing a reduction herself..hopefully one day your get to do that

I had a GF once who was large - not like you, but at least a DD - and got a reduction. I suggested she instead try too keep in shape, exercise and eat healthy as a better solution than surgery, but she ended up getting it done anyway. Not only were the results very-unaesthetic (bad shape and scarring) but her lack of exercise and eating healthy eventually caused a lot of weight gain, detracting from the surgical results. <br />
<br />
I just wanted to say good for you to approach it the correct way! Diet and exercise can make a huge difference. And ba<x>sed on the results I saw with my ex-GF, if you ever have to get a reduction, don't do it here (in Ontario, where you and I both live). The public health care system here does not seem to have competent surgeons to do this work correctly. You are beautiful as you are and you would not want the scars or misshapen results my ex has.

trim than a barber shop. and beautiful young ladies over half my age and older they enjoy a man.not boys

a wpmans breasts are held in place by whats known as supensory ligaments, the ligaments are held be muscles so yes you can maintain there appearance through excercise well into your 50's but eventually the ligaments themselves stretch.<br />
im also guessing most of the guys that wrote comments have never strapped two bowling balls to there chest and walked around for the day<br />
my mother and grandmother had enormous breasts and permanent indentations on her shoulders from her bra straps

Can i see it?

you look lovely, I hope you dont feel presure to go under the knife

I hope you have found some good advice. EP is full of it!!!

Can't give you any tips on how to live with a huge chest because I'm on the opposite site of the scale but I wish you all the best on finding new insight on EP :)

Wether a reduction later or your outfit in your profile and your hair and make-up!<br />
<br />
....If i had to wear make-up I'd prolly poke an eye out or something ><

you are so pretty and so are your big boobs. can you add me and email me pics of them please? thanks! My name is: Joe.

You are very beautiful and your breasts are very beautiful too. I hope with the right exercises you don't need a reduction.

You have beautiful breast! I just wish mine were that big....

Omg do not get breast reduction unless it's hurting you! You'll make the world a happier place!

nothing wrong with big boobs at all<br />
breast are for to be admired so don't take offense please.

Holly,<br />
<br />
HI. Thank you for reaching out and posting. It can be scary. No way to know who will answer, their reaction or yours. <br />
<br />
Umm, normaly breast growth goes for five years. It can start early - stop and then take off for five years or so later - like your age. <br />
<br />
First - what does your Doctor think? Dumb looks or turning to his computer to "google" an answer does not count. It does happen. <br />
<br />
How are you adjusting? <br />
<br />
Kindly<br />