Get Fitted Properly

It took me a while (and a good bra store) to realise that its OK to be bigger than a DD.

My advice is do not go to a department store or a store that is not exclusively for bras. They just do not cater for us, especially when you get some flat chested teen helping and telling you there is nothing bigger made and suggesting you squeeze into their biggest size. Its So humiliating and a turn off for women asking for help - especially young women who are self conscious as it is.

A specialised bra shop costs more but well worth a good fitting with no judgemental looks and expert advice. I pick the biggest breasted assistant (as a lot are :) ) and ask her to sort me out. I now am completely comfortable getting my top off and letting them do their business - measuring up and helping me try on as many as I Iike. It made bra shopping fun and now so many sexy bras to choose from.

Bra shopping has come a long way and I have learned a lot since my mother forced me in to be fitted by some sniggering ladies. After this came years of bad advice & ill fitting bras. My worst time came at a large department store where I had three slim attractive shop assistants all trying to be very helpful and having a debate over my fitting. Bulging out of their biggest bra, they poked prodded & pulled straps until they decided it would be best I visit the maternity section! Not quite the sexy new bra I was after.
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Great story good advices for big breasted beauties...add me pls

mm id love to see them :)

Great for you ! an ex gf took me bra shopping once. she was wearing the wrong bra. now she looks great in a bra, but like her, im sure you look better bra less baby ! mmmm

My wife us to have dramas finding a supportive bra that wasn't the same as her grandmas! haha! Cleavage was a problem as well.... Freya's the brand that she uses. I have no complaints! ;) How much bigger than a DD?

The wife always goes to Victoria's Secret for her bras. You are right about getting a good fit. She looks marvelous. Please add us. Thank you.

DD's aren't that big IMO, at least not today. Trust me, there are plenty of men who believe it's totally OK for a woman to have a rack much bigger than DDs. I love huge boobs but it's not a deal-breaker. Definitely not. More of a nice bonus if a woman's got real big ones. Judging by the amount of women on EP claiming to be much larger than DDs and loving their huge breasts, I would say the feelings are mutual!

I agree with you about being fitting properly, especially for the health reasons. A lot of women are wearing the wrong size bra. It doesn't surprise me when they find out that they are actually several cup sizes bigger than the bra they walked into the store wearing. One of my exes swore she was no bigger than a C cup, only to come home with DD bras. I didn't complain LOL. Amazing but so true for many women and nothing to be ashamed of either.

My ex used to measure women up for bra's. She was a bra fitter for La Senza. God I used to envy her.....
Please add me :)

That's sad there are so few stores that carry your bra size. I am glad you found the right bra size. What do you think about NOT wearing a bra ? I know you are telling me that you have heavy breasts and that they need support. But then I have read that your body will provide the support of your own muscles, that needs some training but it's worth the effort and it's healthier not to wear a bra. <br />
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