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34g And Loving It

I have always been proud of the fact that I have large breasts. I have always thought that I was a D cup and just today I found out that I am actually a size 34G and very proud of that! I am now going to have one hell of a hard time finding bras in that size. Oh well :p
i love em and so do my friends and would never consider getting a reduction. I have larger breasts compared to all my friends who are only sitting at a C cup and they just love, LOVE my breasts. They love to fondle and play around with them. I am always told how lucky I am to have them huge and feel truly blessed.

KaThY123456 KaThY123456 22-25, F 88 Responses May 15, 2012

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we would all love to play with your amazing firm breasts

You seem to be a gorgeous woman. Can you add me?

I'd love to play with your huge boobs

can you please add me?

You are blessed. Just be yourself. Life is too short for anything else.

My I have a lick?

I love Big Beautiful Breast ! Will you add me please?

I would love them too :)

wish i could touch and fondle them

hi! how are you? i would like to chat with you

Sounds so utterly delicious

your breasts sound beautiful

Sexy!! I'd love to see them!

large and very very beautiful breast :)))

Great attitude. Hooray for big breasts!!!!

There's quite a difference between a D cup and a G cup. How were you managing to squish boobs that large down into a D cup bra?

...can you bounce them into my mouth or around my niner ???

May I see some photos? Good day!

I love your breasts too! I can't blame your friends for fondling them one bit.

I love your attitude! I feel the same way, even though Im not as big as you. Please add me, i would love to see your pics and you can see mine... xoxo

Are those FEMALE friends playing with your breasts? That seems odd to me, unless you or they are a lesbian. I have 36G breasts, and yes, it IS difficult to find bras that fit; I've bought a few online because of that.

Hey wow hot.... Say, could you take a few pictures of your friends playing with them?

You go girl. So glad you are so comfortable "in your skin."

Good girl , enjoy!!!
And add me!!

As long as they don't cause you any physical pain or emotional problems I'm very happy you have them too.
I'm Canadian, which part are you in?
Please add me EH!!!

Nice size. Will you add me please?

Woman do look at another woman's breast? And admire 'um? Hahah... Just like men!!

That is true, particularly young teenage girls, strangely enough, quite a lot of those girls want to have SMALLER breasts than they actually have, unlike young teenage boys who want to have a larger, \'you know what\' on what they actually have.

Add me baby. I would love to suck on those amazing ****

God damn! What about my boobs?! ААААААА!!! ымюьтивмыобр вабрп валрю олр олр ывалроыврл

What is breast or boobs in Russian?, I think the above is in that language!!.

Indeed you are truly blessed. I have always liked women who have large and full breasts. I also admire your attitude. Be happy.

Rock on K! Glad to see women who are proud of their figures! Add me when you have a moment.