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Hey, just happened to find this group while purusing the internet. And the one thing I never could find was a large breast support group, so I'm trying to find as many as I can. Anyway, like some of you, I have large breasts. But unlike most of you, they are VERY large, especially due to my tiny frame (i'm only like 5'3, 163~ lbs about)

I don't hate them, i've learned to accept them for what they are, part of my body. They are heavy, no doubt about that, but I put up with for 13 yrs so far, so I think i'll be ok for now =)

I'll probably write more soon, but I just thought i'd put up a lil something about me for now.

Feel free to send me messages or whatever (if I don't to you write away, i'm probably doing school work or something)

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Elila has a softcup bra in size 34 N ib several colors. You can order one from www.ladygrace.com Lady Grace is running a sale and will ship free with a $95 purchase. Their web site has a toll free number which you can call and ask questions on the fit and sizing.

just get a disposable digital camera from the local store have it processed into a cd and then you can upload the pics from that to your pc add me and send me a message if you need further assistance!

I know what you mean about the weight and neck ache I get that sometimes with mine. I am a 36f but starting to erupt out of that if being fair! I have learned to love mine..I also kind of like that it distracts away from some of the other less perfect bits about me! Sometimes you just have to accept and work with what your born with!

I had a girlfriend who had massive boobs and was 4' 10" and only 110 pounds. She was all boobs nearly. <br />
<br />
She complained about the weight but just enjoyed the attention they got. She had nipples that were bigger than most girl's boobs I think. Anyway they were very heavy but were so much fun to suck on and she loved them being played with. <br />
<br />
They did get her lots of cheers in a wet t-shirt contest but generally her going braless was almost unheard of going out. She had to have them well supported.<br />
<br />
And Kara... I must add that your boobies are exceptionally perfect

They are big, but once you get to a certain size, they only get a little bit bigger, but not too much. It's like having a dog, when they are a puppy, it's a growth you can see, but as they get bigger, it's like a little bit at a time, you don't notice it.<br />
Kind of a crummy analogy, but it works none the less.

Wow an N cup?!? Wish you would post a pic of them. I haven't seen anything over a E cup. Imagine the wide angle lens you would need to post a pic of N cups? lol

I would LOVE to post a picture, but i have like no way of putting one on my computer, i tired several times already xD<br />
<br />
Just for comments like kakdrukker's, because a lot of people don't believe me. They think i'm lying or something...<br />
I don't think i'd lie about something very prominent on my figure =/

Then again, i'd say I must be that 0.01% of women with really big breasts, I feel that way with the way most of you are saying that D or E is big, lol!

Yes, it does go past F, I know a few other ladies on another forum that are larger then F. And yes, both men and women do look, I mean, I know I would be curious if I saw I lady such as myself. <br />
<br />
It's more over women then men though, generally asking the basics; how big are you, are all the women in my family like that, are they heavy (obvious one) and could I touch them? I don't mind, as it's mostly when i'm out at a mall or something, but it's like the guys are afraid of me or something xD<br />
<br />
Though I could see if you were with your girlfriend or something, I wouldn't try that if I was a guy xDDD

Damn. I thought D was big. Wow. I'm so sorry, hun. I know how hard that must be.

Wow. Size "N"? You mean it goes past F all the way to N? Tell me more, please. Do you get a lot of attention from men because of them?

Oh your right, i totally forgot (which is weird because people ask me quite often)<br />
<br />
I am a size 34 N, so I have to get my bras custom made and clothes as well. They are SO costly xD<br />
<br />
And I don't hate my breasts, I wouldn't change them for the world. It's what makes me unique and special. If anyone has a problem with them, oh well. They can't either deal with them or leave.