My Labia Love

It has took me so long to appreciate my larger labia.  My inner labia is the largest, and I use to think it was so hidious!  Then I looked back on all my sexual partners reactions to it, and either they never seemed to ack like they minded it, or they took interest(good interest)in them.  So I have lately been surfing the web to see how common it is, and to my surprise(not sure why cause i've always known we are all different in that region)alot of women have this.  Also during sex they give me pleasure that no one with a neat tight kitty would get.  Therefor I have come to love my large labia, and wouldn't want it any other way....I THINK! 

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Not as many as you think. You are special in that department. You have no idea. Any man who doesn't really really appreciate all you have to offer is inexperienced.

I loved my wife's long uneven labia but she thought them ugly and uncomfortably embarrassing especially when they protruded from her bikini bottoms.
She arranged for them to be excised when in hospital for other gyn/ob [procedures and now has a beautiful circumcised vulva which I like even more!

For me the more of them the better, larger labia look and feel awesome. Be proud of them and enjoy ! If you are showing them id love to see, add me please..

You need to change the last bit to I KNOW. lots of men really like large labias but more importantly is that you like your body and as you say gives you pleasure that a wouldn't get with out them Love your body for yourself basically.

big meaty long luscious labia are awesome ! ... i love to chew lick and suck those like forever ... and when girl get really wet and creamy .... mmmmm .... dinner is served and i love to eat downthere !

The RIGHT GUY LOVES them...I'm one of those RIGHT GUYS !

I love a large labia babe. You are a very lucky woman and your man is even luckier. xxxx

I love large lips! I, too, have a big set and learning to love them more every day.

I had a girlfriend for a number of years with large inner labia. She was a little concerned at first as to what i though, but had no reason to worry. I loved it, and I loved doing oral with her, I would spend a lot of time licking, sucking etc. I also like how they wrapped around my shaft when we were connected.

What a great story!! Its so good to read that you appreciate the gifts that you have in large labia!! Hope your boyfriend appreciate it too...every night, with his tongue ))))

i think long lips are the best ever since my first encounter i have been hooked. The first pair i saw where my wifes friend and i knew i just had to have them in my mouth wow i wasn't dissapointed true heaven.

FUUUUUUNNNNN STUFF !!!! I love the large lips!!

The technical term describing this beautiful phenomena is called Hypertrophy of the Labia Minora. I too love a woman that has large lips and/or a big ****. It seems that women with it are much more sensual and orgasmic. I wouldn't want it any other way!!!! I will marry a woman who is sensual and posesses this and other true great sensualities!

Appreciate what you have! Some people hate cleft chins - others love them. Many men, myself included truly love large labia. <br />
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Large labia are incredibly sexy. I get hard instantly seeing those big beautiful lips. Get even more turned on when licking, kissing and sucking on them. What fun to watch those lips around my **** on the outstroke! A pleasure to uncover such a hidden treasure. <br />
<br />
Walk tall knowing you have a sexy secret that drives some men wild.

There are a lot of simple-minded people who do not appreciate the beauty of larger labia. Personally, I highly prefer them over the simple slit and have found both aesthetically and sexually that larger labia are far superior in every way. Your labia are beautiful, I'm sure. ;)

i personally love the large labia! The "coin slot" ***** is more common but not as easy to lick and play with ! I prefer a ***** i can wrap my lips around and suck into my mouth. A large labia is also easier to pierce, also is so sexy to look at and spank lightly!

Good. I have seen that it is common online too. I think it is great as long as it is full, not just flappy. I hear guys like it a bunch. :)