I Too Have Large Labia

I first realized i had large labia when I got out of college. In college, I only had sex with like four guys... and they didnt say anything. Then one day I met an older man in a bar and had sex with him and he kept going on and on about it. mine stick out like a two inches from my crotch. my husband thinks it looks like a shriveled up little scrot. I think it sorta does too... we both love it. I like the way it holds in the moisture of my ***** and any ***** that I have inside as well. my husband says he likes to lick and nibble on my little roast beefies. heehee

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7 Responses Feb 13, 2010

Hungry for some roast beef right now lol

Wow.. lucky chap..

mm nice

i have noticed my daughter has larger labia that hang down and she is only 12 so im glad to know it is normal

It is an issue with me, I don't like a **** that has no lips

WOW thats a great story! ))) 2 inches....SOOOOOO beautiful labia....<br />
If you read my story about *********** you will know how much I woul love to suck on them...and anything they are holding inside too...)))

Very sexy! I think that's such a lovely attraction. I don't like a smooth ****, lips and hair make it beautiful to me.