Waiting For Results

I have had irregular periods since I was eighteen, and nothing before that.  Doctors never believed me--  I get sick at the drop of a hat, especially during stressful situations, and can't fight off anything easily--  I've been treated like a whiner, a faker, my whole life....

Now my husband and I are trying to get pregnannt, and I bit the bullet and went to a fertility clinic- the endocrinologist there listened to my story and told me, "well of course that's not normal."  five minutes later we were looking at an ultrasound of my very polycystic ovaries, and my blood results come back in  a few days.  He is almost positive that this is what I have.

I am relieved that I'm not a hypochondriac--  but nervous about a lifetime of drugs, though excited if they improve the quality of my life.  I'm wondering what others have experienced, what has helped, what hasn't...  I had horrible facial hair, no acne, no huge weight gain, but only 2 periods a year, and doozies at that...





MagdelineMae MagdelineMae
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

Hiya, Did you get your results? I have my steroid test next week and get my results a few weeks after that. <br />
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GPs also ignored me for years and again wasn't until I couldn't conceive that I got help. <br />
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I have terrible acne though :(. some excess hair, irregular periods , find it hard to put weight on and polycistic ovaries.