Depressing Feelings

My Lazy Eye problems started 6 years ago. I didn't even realize I had developed this eye problem until the stares started. People started taking second and third looks at me and then laughing. I've gone to my eye doctor asking if they see anything wrong with my eyes and they always give me the same report that I have 15/15 (excellent vision). But they never see the lazy eye or weak eye. So I don't know if it is consistent or off and on. My family hasn't said anything to me, because I know they don't want to hurt my feelings. But I know they see it because of the stares. My co-workers give me odd looks, and of course the constant stares. I've managed to keep a positive attitude, but as i am still single, never married, or had kids, i wonder if this will keep me from having a family of my own some day. I find it hard to look at people in the face because of this lazy eye. I will look up at them fast then I will look away as I talk tothem. Anyone else dealing with these issues?? Is there a way to cure this without surgery. I didn't always have this problem.
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Yes I have the exact same issue... I have to look at people sideways. It's a hard thing to live with and my family doesn't want to talk about it... I think they feel sorry and it makes them sad. I am the same age and same situation... I go to church now and learning to accept it.

Ive had this problem since I was one and im 23 now. Surgery is only a temporary fix Ive had 3. It gets expensive and its only for cosmetic purposes. Ive learned to live with it but I still have a hard time looking people in the face

Hi - yes...I have the same problem and don't think the lazy eye is as "lazy" at times as at others. If I am really stressed, tired, or anxious, it's worse. Also, it's worsened as I get older. My eye wanders out at this point although in earlier times of my life is would turn in. There were also times when it seemed to look normal. In recent years, however, it very lazy and very noticeable, and I dread making eye contact now. It has hampered my social life and hurt my self esteem. I would do surgery in a minute. My concern is that if the eye doesn't consistently show the same degree of laziness, how will the surgeon gauge how to proceed? Anyway, I do feel your pain!