19 Years Old :)

Im not sure when I got a lazy eye but its been bothering me lately Like when I be driving somewhere .
Last night i looked up lazy eye and it said to wear an eye patch for 3 to 8 hours a day . so anyways i went out and brought 
my first eye patch so far i been running into walls but im fine .I just need to get used to wearing the patch more .
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Wearing a patch can take years to cure layzy eye. The result of longstanding eye-turn
or squint is loss of vision. A friend of mine was helped by a doctor who restored his vision using in-office treatment and vision was cured to 20-20 in 4 consecutive days of treatment. The newly established normal vision had the powerful effect of pulling the squinting eye into a straight position. The treatment gave amazingly rapid gain of vision. Right after gaining 20-20, treatment was done to establish binocularity which will prevent regression and ensure that his eyes will remain permanently straight. May God bless your endeavours, hope you also get cured

Let us know how it goes! :-)