On Placing Blame

Anybody who says you only have yourself to blame is just not very good at blaming other people.

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8 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I have a whole set of happy bunny. I had this little statue of happy bunny on my desk and people knew by the sign what kind of mood I was in that day.

LMAO never, not you!

Exactly flour... That is why happy bunny is funny bc he is so sarcastic. We are a lot alike.<br />
<br />
MB, Yep girl<br />
<br />
DD, that's a good one.

and i dont like to blame others

I LOVE happy bunny!! 'It's funny how stupid you are' = I like that one :)

I like “If you find your self in a fair fight your strategy sucks.”…Dew


Lol, the bunny forgot to consider split personalities.