Racist Love

Well, I am 14 years old. Most of the people will definetly say "You're just a kid" "You don't know what Love is" "You are immature" and all that.
But I do fall in Love. And when I do I fall hard.
My first boyfriend. He was a Ethiopian. I fell for his Personality. His gorgeous attitude. Before I started dating him, I was having a crush on a Blonde russian at my school, This popular retarded jerk who had sex with girls in other schools (I heard rumors, not sure if its true)
I would always go to him (I don't want to mention names, so let my first bf's name be EDDIE and Russian guy's SEAN)
Ok, so i'd always go to Eddie, since he was my first best guyfriend and he knew i loved Sean, I told him on facebook, How sean is cute and that he looked at me, and all that. He'd never really complain but he would say "Leave him, he doesnt deserve you".
One day Eddie bursted out saying "You are an amazing girl, and he is just too stupid to see it" That was the day Eddie asked me out.

Me and Eddie dated for around 5 months BUT each month he would dump me for a week or two. Then he'd come back saying He loves me. His breakup reasons were mainly either, "It's not working out" or "I must focus on school".
I didn't expect to be dumped for such reasons.
So the last breakup reason was totally different.
Eddie dumped me for a philippino girl he met online. Cassie Joy.
He didn't actually tell me, he obviously said its not working out but behind my back he flirted with her.
Guess what? I WAS Cassie Joy. I made a fake account to see how stupid enough he was to fall for it..
He fell in like a Bee into Honey.

Moving on, I obviously still had feelings for him for the past months, but during summer i realized how stupid i was to date him.
1) He never got me anything special. No gifts, nothing. I made him a valentine card which was supposed to be for my art class but i got 0.
2) I invited him to my place, but his parents never knew he had a girlfriend.
3) I called him, he never did.
and Mainly 4) HE DUMPED ME 6 TIMES.
Another detail to mention, When i was dating him, my whole family was racist about it. I would have family problems non stop. My brother and sister would bully me and parents would shout and scold me.
Thats when i started cutting myself.

So like before i got over him i'd ask him if we can get back together and he's like "Ill think about it"
EXCUSE ME, Think about what?
About having the same story again? No thanks. Bye.
So like after summer he asked me out but i told him, Wow, you're coming back after like 4 months and you think i'll agree?
No seriously. _|_

He made me a Player.
Yes, he totally changed my viewpoint to guys.
I never really realized it until i met my current boyfriend.
So after Eddie came my other boyfriend. we dated in summer..
I dumped him because i didn't feel comfortable with him anymore.
His 'jokes' where mean.
Then came my another boyfriends.. but they were players as well.
Reald, Cani, Youny, Connagh - Long distance relationships.
7 relationships failed.
Reald and cani are friends.. I hate them both to the core.
Reald wanted me to show my boobs after few weeks of dating. REEALLY?
Cani was annoying. "come on skype, please, go on skype, dont lie to me, go on skype" 24/7
Now after i dumped him, till today he tries to ruin my life.
He tells my boyfriend to dump me, comments rude stuff on my facebook and mainly makes fun of me.
Youny, he lived in another city and NEVER had time for me. Always some project, essay or exam.
Connagh? Gosh. As perfect as could be. The guy you can dream of, in other words. But while dating him there was this "Water bash" in a Park.

That's when I met my current boyfriend.
He came to me with his friend and asked for my name, that's how it started.
so we walked around and played truth or dare.
In the end, we got a dare to kiss.
Perfect moment.
I really couldnt tell my boyfriend, I was so scared he would get angry
and so my AMAZING FRIENDS told him.
You just cannot imagine how much trouble I went through.
I really didn't want that relationship to end like this.
Thanks to my friends, seriously -.-

Well yeah my current boyfriend thought me how to Love 'properly'.
He is amazing, loving, respectful. Just perfect.
Ofcorse, he can be annoying as hell and acts immature, but he is still amazing.
ok now this problem is
Totally against him, TOTALLY.
They are acting racist towards him, but they won't admit they are :P
My sister married a Local, rich, handsome and all that.
And my 17 year old Pakistani/Indian boyfriend is terrible to them.
Just because twice he came to my house,
once after school and once for the midnight mass for christmas
they hate him.
He is from a good family, good looking, Im serious.
The thing is "he is from a rubbish country"
I really don't care what my parents think.

But please, can anyone advise me what to do?
My parents really don't like him. :'(
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Jan 10, 2013