Very Much....

I have learned the value of friendship and I have learned to trust and be open with those I value.

I have learned to be myself.

I have experienced compassion, love, warmth, intelligent and humour from so many different directions for the first time.

I feel part of a wonderful family :)

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4 Responses Sep 25, 2008

Me too also... ditto to all said! ;P


Those are wonderful lessons. If you "play" EP right, and stay away from the knuckle-draggers, Neanderthals, chronically angry, completely unhinged, bottom feeders, and recently paroled, (a small minority), EP is a wonderful place to really be yourself, feel safe expressing feelings that are true, and do so in an atmosphere of kindness and support.<br />
<br />
Plus - it's also like having a whole bunch of older brothers and sisters who will kick the bootie of anybody that messes with you! :-)

And we're glad you're part of this family!