Good Or Bad, We're All Still People.

I've learned a lot during the time I've been an EP member...

I've learned that this is a wonderful place, full of wonderful people and good friends.

I've learned that there are more people out there, like me.

I've also learned that this is still a place full of people. People dislike you for your opinions, your race, your gender, your looks... Any number of things. This is not a sanctuary. This is a place of learning and growing; a place where you can be you with *LESS* flaming than the rest of the internet, but still a place where you can be hurt just because you have a specific belief. (In case anyone wonders, this specific lesson is a huge part of the reason I've been scarce lately.)

I've learned that no place in the world, including the virtual worlds of the internet, is safe from bullies.

But I've also learned that once I make a set of friends, the really good ones will indeed stand by me.

I've learned that I can be me, no matter what anyone else thinks. 

And I've learned that I truly do enjoy my time on EP, and the friends that I've made. Thank you all.

iFortiTude iFortiTude
Mar 2, 2009