I Have Let Go.....in Theory

It just holds on.

Sits idly in my belly, then sqeezes me randomly.

For no good reason.

He is here. We are we. No complaints, no worries....


It was years ago. Something stupid. A mistake.

We are better now. I learned, so did he.

Everything happens for a reason - I believe this.

I have forgiven.

So why, why, WHY do I let any of it stay?

I need to wash it away completely, every speck.

Let it go.

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2 Responses Aug 14, 2010

*grabs Taken and dresses her up in her favourite corset... holds out a slice of cheesecake*... how do you want it, hun? I can't find Ever... I can start with you... *raises eyebrows up down up down*...<br />
<br />
Dean... you've been looking for that damn chair in the last story... *flicks wand and produces a chair for Dean*... happy?...

*runs to Taken and hugs her tight... rubs Taken's belly*... it's because it has been stained already, hun... and perhaps the stain doesn't go away because something gets spilled again on it??? May not be the same thing... but something similar???<br />
<br />
If something is happening NOW that could POSSIBLY lead to the same mistake... you'll always be haunted by yesterday. It is not that you have forgiven... it's because HE did not learn...<br />
<br />
I'm here... Dean's here... Ever will be here soon enough... we're all here for you...