Reincarnation..... 3rd Life

This story is about how i was influenced by people and their behavior to figure out my vices..

About 7 years ago.. i come to realize how my existence really matters to people.. I was born in a rich family with good parents and many siblings.. I was brought up in a healthy environment and most of the time i was surrounded by family members.. 
Later our family had to face financial difficulties and also loss of family members(they just left us to live apart).. So i was now alone and unaware of what was happening.. I was admitted to a better(much better) school inspite of the financial difficulties we were in.. i couldn't make friends there becoz they used to tell me that their "standards" are higher than my own.. People used me for their own benefits and left me alone when i needed help,, eventually i stopped believing in human beings and created walls around me so no one can come close to me..  That is where my first life ended..
I stayed in my shell for years and while i was inside i was thinking how does it feels like to have friends... what is a hangout?... What are parties for?.. why do we celebrate?.. a hug?
I used to peek out from my shell from time to time.. wondering what's going on out there.. I saw how people work on relations and how they are broken... meanwhile i used to imagine myself in these situations.. and think what i would have done if i was there,,, I ended up teaching myself new things.. I had nothing else to do to kill my boredom.. So i used to stay to myself and learn from myself.. I was never considered to be a part of our class.. My name was never included with "everyone".. 
After growing up our financial condition was finally stable and our "standards" were back to their original state.. People who refused to be friends with me earlier, approached me saying they want to be friends with me.. u know i felt like punching their brains out, but i just behaved normally... my second life had  just begun.. 
Things continued to go on this way for a while.. 

I passed my high school and joined university.. 
I started to feel like i have no existence of my own.. and that i will never be able to get along with people... so i thought i should throw away my life and get rid of everything... I actually died a few years ago.. As long as my body  exists.. it will serve the people who created it... My body will work for my parents.. satisfying my soul that i was useful for someone..  and that at least i could benefit someone while i was alive..  I made myself too busy in studies and all by taking 2 different courses at the same time.. i did this so i can forget my loneliness and do something useful..  I used to stay busy studying from dawn until dusk so i never felt the need to make friends..  

Last month.. I suffered from severe fever and typhoid along with infection in my organ.... so i was in bed for 2 1/2 weeks.. while i was there i was recalling my past lives and was wondering how rough life really was.. 
While i was under medical observation i felt like i might die any moment.. lol.. I got a phone call from one of my classmate asking for help and i felt bad while telling him that i can't help him due to sickness... he exclaimed showing how much he was worried about me.. this was the first time someone except my family member was worried becoz i was not well.. he asked me to take care and later visited my house to see if i'm ok.. it made me feel good..  the treatment was successful and i was now 100% healthy.. 
Then i joined my classes again and  people asked me where i was during these 2 1/2 weeks.. Some of them already knew i had high fever while to some of them i had to tell.. they were all worried about me.. I could sense a feeling of sympathy from their side and that they were really worried about me.. suddenly i started to realize a lot of people are talking to me these days.. I was talking to people outside my class and started to socialize easily..  Then one of those groups invited me to watch a movie with them.. later another one invited me for an outing.. and then people started to discover that i wanted to be friends with them too... They said, "we thought u like to live alone... or maybe u're a private sort of guy.. what's with that gloomy look of urs?" .. i felt a bit stupid there.. when did i say i like to be alone? :P
This is the beginning of my 3rd life.. So far i've friendzoned everybody in my class(there are 50 students) and also i've started to become popular in university(200 students in my class).. My target is to be friends with everyone and help them any way i can.. Now i feel like people aren't that bad.. they just  need time to understand u.. : )
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Good for you. I liked the way you describe the turnaround.

thank you for reading.. :)

Its strange sometimes how a physical illness might suddly make people care or pay more attention to you. If you feel or say that you want to die or even kill yourself or just in general feel pretty far down or depressed nobody or very few would care. But if you get a little fever then Dear lord something must be done!, lol. People are kinda silly or stupid like that. But I guess its normal, if all the scars people keep on the inside was visible on the outside then everyone would be much more sympathetic to each other.

Very honest story, well written :).

thanks for reading!.. well honestly i behave silly sometimes lol. We have to hide our scars from people becoz where there are people ready to help u, there are also people to reopen those scars.. just have to find the right people and everything will be fine.. ^__^

I guess, people of all sorts anyway. But again, if people could really see these scars I dont think anyone would want to hurt or reopen wounds in others. They would know and see how it would pain someone and in some cases how things pain themself and would not want to cause suffring to others in the same way they have felt either.

Eh? People at my place would love to reopen my scars.. i make enemies easily so have to keep my wounds hidden to protect myself.. Maybe u have nice people near ur place.. ^__^