Inner Peace

How does one acquire inner peace? Good question! I have spent many years acquiring this particular gift. I call it a gift because i believe it to be of a spiritual nature(not to be confused with religion). It is not something you can get . It is something you receive. How you ask? Another good question! I think it comes over time when you apply yourself to looking for it. Although it is a gift it take some work before you can receive it. I know this sounds like a contradiction, and to most it won't be easy to understand ( not by worldly standards anyway). So this is how it works. For most of us chaos comes from the world we live in. Something created by ones pain from being hurt. It takes the ability to forgive those who have hurt us in order to receive the peace we all so long for. that is the work i speak of. I won't lie it is not easy at first, but like anything with some  time and effort it does get easier. Nature is the teacher. In nature most things live in harmony with one another. However, not so much in the world we live. nature is symbiotic. the world parasitic in nature. For those who do not understand the definition of these words let me explain. Symbioses is something that happens when two things are in harmony with one another giving and taking when necessary. Taking care of one another. A parasite is something that takes but never returns. It consumes everything around it until there is no more to take and then movies on to the next area. When we learn to forgive we give back the power we lost when we were hurt by something. We stop being the victim and start living in harmony with ourselves again the way it was meant to be, because it is in our nature. When this occur-es the balance is restored and we move into harmony wtih others. Most people hurt others out of ignorance they can not see past there own pain and act out in kind. When we find inner peace we see this behavior for what it is, quite simple someone in pain. Now this does not excuse the behavior and we should always let the person know they are acting in appropriately However, by seeing them as someone in pain ti provides the opportunity to reach outside of ourselves and help the other person. The side effect of this process is we feel good about ourselves and the gift of our effort is inner peace.

amator383 amator383
41-45, M
Apr 21, 2012