Its Been Over For a Year and a Half Now

 my husband wasnt physically  abusive .. it was all mental and it led me into a dark hole ...  i was hospitalized twice , developed anorexic traits and felt like i couldnt live without a man in my life .. talk about feeling completely worthless .. but now a yr and some odd months later .. im back in full force its finally back to  me !!!  and noone and i mean no one will ever break me down again .
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2 Responses May 30, 2007

I left my husband in dec 08. I am trying so hard to stay striong and not go back but it's so hard. Just one day at a time i guess.

heck ya... <br />
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u go grl<br />
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i left my abusive husband 6 months ago... its hard but im moving on too<br />
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no man is ever worth that kinda pain