I've done this a couple of times. When I logged into my account today, after having been gone for a very long time, EP-standard-time anyway, I was amazed to still have any friends left.

Anyone who says that online relationships aren't real are very wrong. Many of my truest friends were met on this site. I guess that sounds kind of corny, but it is still my reality.

I've missed you... EP, and my friends.
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2014

Hello there Aurinne,
I always try to msg women who have hearted me, about something, and before I do so, I look at their profile.

I have just tried to msg you without success because I am not in your circle. But that's odd because, you've just allowed me to be added ?? !!

Anyway, this was the rest of my msg.

You seem to have quite a tough time, and struggling with migraines, too.

I have had my share of misfortune, but I am fortunate in having very good health and many blessings. I suppose I was initially on EP for a particular reason, but then I found that it was an amazing "place" for other reasons.

I am a married ancient, to coin a phrase. If you should ever like to have a chat about anything, I am usually around.

Peter xx

Ep stories and experiences are a good read
And I have someone to talk too