Surgery? Watched Replaced- Episode 1 "so Hip It Hurts" On Youtube

I am a 28-yr old female. I was diagnosed with LCPD when I was 5 in the right hip, and at age 7 in the left. As the pain in my hips is starting to interfere with simple daily activities like walking the dog, and not being able to walk up a few steps without sever discomfort, or being able to wear regular shoes; I have been doing a lot of research on hip replacement surgery for my left hip.

My advice--If you are an adult facing the decision of hip replacement surgery, I would definitely recommend that you view "Replaced- Episode 1 So Hip It Hurts" on YouTube. It is really informative. Also, learn about the hana table and anterior approach.

If you have a child recently diagnosed with the disorder, my advice is want to run, jump, and play. Do not let them do high impact sports, and keep them still as much as possible. The best thing you can do it keep the child immobile as much as possible. Get a membership to gym, with an indoor pool and take him/ her swimming several times a week for low impact activity. This will help with flexibility, and range of motion long-term.

During my youth, the doctors did a permanent T-bar cast for a year when I was first diagnosed, in the right hip. Then when I was diagnosed in the left, as I was a little older they tried the removable cast approach, which I took off whenever my Mom wasn't looking, and later crutches, to simply take off some of the pressure. Today, the right hip is shaped like an egg, not a perfect round ball, but at least it is still functional. The left hip has the shape of a jelly bean. Simply put, the permanent cast was better.

I know, that at the time, it will feel like you are a terrible parent denying them of childhood pleasures...but it will be best long-term. They will thank you later.

Please Advise-- I would love to know what kinds of outcomes people have had, especially women in their late 20s who have had the surgery. What is the best implant type to use, the best approach, anterior/ posterior, do you recommend using the hana table? Thank you for your help.
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i to have perthes and have thru a lot over the corse of my life two replacements on the right one on the left and im all but 39 years old and i fully agree with u about no running or jumping and hiting the pool really is the best thing u can do i can think back when i was ten or so years younger thinking i had it bad well I would od anything to have those years back little did i know how bad things would get u go frome being able to at least ride a bike to not being able to walk my dog or go to anything that reqires standing walking even tyeing my shoes is a big deal anyway thanks for leting me be me its hard to talk to someone who dose not know what im dealing with