I Love To Oggle Women

Now that it's summer, there are so many skimpy and tight outfits, and I can't help but stare and drink in the sight of beautiful woman with beautiful and various, and the confidence to wear the unforgiving clothing. A beautifull *** is worth more than a gorgeous face, if it's encased in something that accentuates the butt, either still or moving. And cleavage is something to behold.

Naked is different from clothed; I seem to prefer some types of body without clothing, and more types with clothing. All body types have the potential to make me salivate for them.

All parts of a woman's body are beautiful -- I also love arms, wrists, ankles, throats, stomachs, hips, thighs ... I just admire the female form. I sometimes think of myself pushing her legs open, watching her **** wobble and maybe flop around, or to stay corseted and full-looking. I love how a woman's nethers look, and how engorged and ***** vulva, labia, and clitoris can get.

Watching a woman making love is really a gorgeous thing, and as in all ****, it's best if she's "involved" and not just lying there, letting it happen to her. Whether with another woman (fantasy explosion!) or with a man who roughs her up, I can't help but admiring a woman's body. Women are sexual creatures and are built to inspire and to tempt, right?
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buxonofficegirl, that's why new and illicit relationships are so thrilling. but for a relationship to persist, more is needed, because the conflagration will otherwise run out of fuel and die. like anything, it takes effort and a good (and shifting) mindset.

It can be a most enlightening experience provided it's put in ones own appropriate perspective. Some find the temptation the crux of the thrill...do they not?

uyknas, it's interesting that the history of mankind is about temptation and succumbing to temptation. we're all tempting, and sometimes it's a matter of whether we need to turn up the heat or not for our intended prey ... ;)

buxomofficegal, you make it sound like a very active club! ;)

Would love to show you so many saphic delights my dear...such a willing participant to join our mutual exploration...Danielle

dorothies, it's been a while since i've ****** a woman ... i love my memories of them, however, and have no regrets.