I Love To Oggle Women

Now that it's summer, there are so many skimpy and tight outfits, and I can't help but stare and drink in the sight of beautiful woman with beautiful and various, and the confidence to wear the unforgiving clothing. A beautifull *** is worth more than a gorgeous face, if it's encased in something that accentuates the butt, either still or moving. And cleavage is something to behold.

Naked is different from clothed; I seem to prefer some types of body without clothing, and more types with clothing. All body types have the potential to make me salivate for them.

All parts of a woman's body are beautiful -- I also love arms, wrists, ankles, throats, stomachs, hips, thighs ... I just admire the female form. I sometimes think of myself pushing her legs open, watching her **** wobble and maybe flop around, or to stay corseted and full-looking. I love how a woman's nethers look, and how engorged and ***** vulva, labia, and clitoris can get.

Watching a woman making love is really a gorgeous thing, and as in all ****, it's best if she's "involved" and not just lying there, letting it happen to her. Whether with another woman (fantasy explosion!) or with a man who roughs her up, I can't help but admiring a woman's body. Women are sexual creatures and are built to inspire and to tempt, right?
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5 Responses Jul 11, 2010

nudy, i do!

publius, thanks for the more-correct label. i do fantasize about my perfect lesbian mate, however. i believe my head and my ***** have different agendas, sometimes. it's like men complaining that their penises don't listen to them; they even name their penis! i wonder if i can name my recreational desire to be a lesbian? anyway, being a subset of any discernible grouping makes me wonder.

tsk tsk publius! not all lesbians aim as you claim! but yes, that's the stereotype, and i have other theories of why that happens. but i am not really a lesbian ... this is about my lesbian fantasy. ;) i love **** too much, yay!

nudy, i feel blessed when i see a woman who knows how to stuff the right parts into her clothes, and to expose the right parts so beautifully.

ironman, i'm so glad you agree -- and according to the book "the female brain" women ARE conditioned to be together because their brain structure and chemistry makes it so. but for me, i just like looking -- i often don't need to talk to them or anything else. of course, being able to be involved with them has the potential for risk and reward, and that's fun, too!