Very Often

Lovely women fooling around,kissing,touching,moaning,getting wet,c*mming,making love... mmm...

I still love men but I just can't stop thinking about that lately.And every time I do think about it I get so turned on!! Many times I touch myself fantasizing about having a pretty girl in my bed and all those wonderful things we would do to each other... mmm..
I love girls and "girl on girl" has become my ultimate fantasy.I hope it will soon come true.

Kisses!  :)
AnitaLove AnitaLove
22-25, F
10 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Awesome would like to try where are u from,as for me iam from London

I want to try it too! I feel the same - Where are you from?x

Im with love to be in bed with another girl..

I agree, girl on girl can definitely heat things up.

Girl on girl is real fun

You are so absolutely correct! I hope the reality is better than the fantasy for you.

aww, thank you both!<br />
<br />
-Kisssss!- :-)

Thanks for sharing. I hope you get to make this a reality soon and that the experience will be better than all your fantasies put together.<br />

You describe it so well you can make anything hot and this seemed to take very little effort

You're so right..<br />
<br />